Feelings of foreign tourists with Vietnamese roasted coffee

Gia ca phe hom nay

Feelings of foreign tourists with Vietnamese roasted coffee

Vietnam is known as the world’s largest coffee exporter. But not all foreign visitors have enjoyed the taste of coffee in their home country of Vietnam. Join Duong Cafe to follow some foreign tourists in Hanoi to see what they say about Vietnamese roasted and ground coffee !!

Arriving at the old town, I caught Paulina Fosberg enjoying coffee, I did not hesitate to get acquainted and talk:

I asked, “What do you like best in Vietnam?” Paulina Fosberg (visitor from Australia) shared: “This place is really beautiful and attractive to me. There is one thing that fascinates me, it’s coffee in your place. The taste of Vietnamese aromatic coffee, I have never enjoyed such a special coffee flavor ”. She said before, she used to drink instant coffee so it was very light, thin and tasteless like in Vietnam. She also shared more, she will buy Vietnamese coffee for relatives and friends to enjoy.


Australians enjoy Vietnamese coffee

Sharing the same feeling with Australian tourists, Steven visitors from the US are also fascinated with roasted coffee in Vietnam. Meeting Jolive while drinking a cup of coffee in Hang Buom Street, she said this is the first time to come to Hanoi and enjoy a cup of old town coffee is often her first job of the day. “I went to a lot of countries, both countries are very famous for coffee but I have not seen anywhere so delicious and fragrant coffee. I am particularly impressed with your country’s rich flavor and aroma. I think you have a great specialty, you should develop it more ”.

Unexpectedly, when I returned to Duong Cafe in Minh Khai, I suddenly met a French tourist enjoying in the restaurant. I did not hesitate to talk to him immediately. I know that you have been to Vietnam for 10 years and have discovered a lot about Vietnamese culture. I asked: “How do you feel the coffee flavor of Duong Cafe?”. He said: “I also drank a lot of coffee in many shops in Vietnam, but I found that your shop has an unmistakable flavor. I like so much”. Through his feelings, I am more proud of my products.

The famous cafes attract western tourists such as Nang, Lam coffee (60 Nguyen Huu Huan), Giang (39 Nguyen Huu Huan), Nhan (39 Hang Hanh), Duong Cafe (107C Minh Khai). These are very famous shops for coffee in Vietnam.

Coffee shops are enjoyed by Westerners

However, as noted by us, Western travelers are inclined to look for coffee roasters to feel the best coffee. Many people are no longer interested in famous cafes, but they are getting quiet and deep with pure black coffee. Are they trying to explore Vietnam’s very own coffee culture?

One thing I am quite curious about is why Vietnamese coffee is so attractive? I have received many answers. It is clean, is a fragrance, is concentrated, is a match. When they knew the Vietnamese coffee capital was Buon Ma Thuot, the Central Highlands, they did not hesitate to set foot on these lands to explore.

It can be seen that foreign tourists especially like roasted coffee of Vietnam. Not only do they enjoy exploring here, they also choose coffee as gifts to bring back to their homeland.

Van Hoa Ca phe Viet Nam


Duong Cafe is also a place to enjoy not to be missed in Hanoi. Once come is a memory !!

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