Filter coffee – Vietnamese cultural beauty

Filter coffee – Vietnamese cultural beauty

Vietnamese people have many styles of enjoying coffee, however, coffee filter expresses the most beautiful Vietnamese culture. That beauty in peaceful mornings is the image of everyone sitting sipping a cup of coffee while reading newspapers. Or in cafes, melodious, warm music and coffee flavor combined with everyday stories, …

Special taste of filter coffee

According to Didier Corlou (French), former chef of Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi Hotel: “The taste of Vietnamese coffee is a unique thing that makes Vietnamese coffee different from other countries in the world. Especially when you mix, the smell of coffee is also passionately charming like a woman’s perfume. If you can enjoy Vietnamese coffee coffee in the capital of Buon Ma Thuot coffee, you will see that this special cultural identity is expressed in the most obvious way. This is only available in Vietnam but not in another country in the world. ”

Drinking style makes a difference

Indeed, unlike the American Starbucks Coffee style, or Italian Milan style, it is not as strange as the Turkish style, pouring sugar and coffee into it and heating it up. But the style of enjoying Vietnamese coffee is very unique, most of them use filter to mix. That style is like a culture: sipping and thinking.

Cach pha ca phe sua da

Coffee beans are ground in small pieces, compressed into filters and boiling water is poured on top to be filtered into a glass or cup placed below the filter. Those who want to enjoy phin coffee often spend more time than regular instant coffee. The feeling of waiting and waiting for every drop of coffee to fall is very interesting and nervous. When the last bitterness on the filter stops flowing, it is also time to enjoy a great cup of coffee. It could be a hot black coffee, otherwise a little milk or sugar, if you want to drink ice or hot it all depends on your preferences.

Enjoy the taste of life

When you take a small sip of coffee, an ecstatic aroma is mixed in the nasal cavity. Accompanied by a gentle bitter taste on the lips, we can feel the taste of coffee melting in our mouth. More than that, coffee has enough bitterness to help us think. There is enough concentration to create a feeling of floating. There is enough acidity to think about failure. There is enough salinity to think about mother land. There is enough sweetness to feel loved. And, there is also enough length of time to reflect on life, … to make our soul relax.

Beauty in Vietnamese culture

Modern life has made the image of office workers rushing and holding instant coffee cups more and more popular. That is enough to show that the image of everyone sitting at a cup of coffee, while sipping small sips and reading newspapers, listening to music, talking, … is how beautiful and peaceful the image is. Perhaps there is no country in the world that is famous for drinking a drink. However, in Vietnam, filter coffee has become a beautiful culture. It is this beauty that adorns a special part in the Vietnamese culture picture.

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