Giving Mid-Autumn Festival gift with Duong Café

qua tang ca phe

Mid-Autumn Festival is the reunion day. It is a time for the whole family to gather together to break the deck and reward the moon. This is also an opportunity for people to express their love and preserve good relationships in the family.

Tet Trung Thu
Mid-autumn Festival

In the previous post, Duong Cafe introduced some meaningful gifts for the Mid-Autumn Festival. So, have you decided on the gift you want to send to this Mid-Autumn Festival? It will be a familiar combination between Moon Cake and Tea. Or do you want to surprise your loved ones with Moon Cake – Coffee? Please refer to the article below for more detailed suggestions!

Robusta – Popular flavor familiar

Ca phe robusta

This is the most popular type of coffee in Vietnam, flavored with Vietnamese tastes. During the time of waiting for every drop of coffee coffee, family members sat together to enjoy moon cake, sharing their everyday stories. Then, a small sip of coffee, with a strong flavor helps the story become more meaningful. Then there is a little bitterness and a slight tingle, which makes the body more calm.

Soluble white coffee – gift for women


Bac xiu hoa tan

Instant Soluble white coffee is a product with a harmonious combination of coffee and milk. This product has high nutrition, especially suitable for women in the family. With sweet taste, gentle combination of coffee and greasy milk, ensure enough to attract the taste of mothers and sisters.

Weasel Coffee – The drink of coffee connoisseurs

Ca phe Chon - qua tang y nghia
Weasel coffee-A meaningful gift

If your family member is a knowledgeable and interested person enjoying coffee. So, weasel coffee is the perfect gift beside moon cake. A cup of Kopi Luwak Weasel coffee is full of sour, sweet and a little bitter taste. Or Weasel coffee cup with passionate flavor, subtle scent of chocolate with a mild bitter taste.

Although Weasel coffee is the most expensive TOP type in the world, that is nothing. Because of its unique unforgettable taste, it doesn’t make the gift more meaningful. At that time, every year the gift for your family is also Moon Cake – Tea ???

Duong Cafe is proud to be the company providing products of powdered coffee, soluble, quality slag with many rich flavors, meeting the needs of customers. Let Duong Cafe contribute to making your Mid-Autumn Festival season with family and relatives meaningfully.

Duong Cafe COMMITMENT Quality – Prestige of the partner is ALL!

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