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About the hobby of enjoying coffee, some people said: “Coffee is not a serene animal like tea, not as strong as alcohol.”

Some people said: “Coffee is not a serene animal like tea, more and more not as violent as alcohol. People who enjoy gentle things say that coffee is a link between joy and sadness. For those who are depressed, coffee is more and more tense as a song with many silence. And the followers of the denomination of coffee, that is the woman who carries the charm in me … ”

I’m not sure who said this sentence, but my impression with the sentence is very profound. I love coffee, like a daily drink. If lack of coffee, a day for me is bland. Maybe you don’t believe it, but the fact is, coffee helps me to get new energy. Help me maintain the spirit of dynamism and enthusiasm. Like the great German composer Johann Sebastian Bach, his passion for coffee can be described as follows: “Without my morning coffee, I just like a dried-up piece of roast goat”.

Coffee is not a peaceful hobby like tea

Tea ceremony – an artistic trait that combines the unique culture of many Asian countries, most notably Japan. Tea drinkers always respect quietness. In that silence, people perceive the existence and presence of things around themselves.

Coffee is not so. I like to sit in the cold weather of Hanoi, with a cup of hot coffee brewing warmth and warm aroma. I sat there alone and sipping coffee as a way of looking back at life. Looking out there, the hustle and bustle of people rushing out there with worries and worries. Looking out there, the trees and leaves are learning how to be green.

And I realized one thing: Things still follow the law of nature no matter what you do, who you are. So, instead of being whirling and depressed with this life, why don’t you set aside a small amount of time and space to relax your soul. Reward yourself for the things you have, the things you value. And above all for yourself.

Coffee is not as violent as alcohol

Strong and violent wine. Since most people only go to alcohol when they really feel sad and depressed when it comes to alcohol. Not so many people say, drink alcohol to forget sorrow.

But I find that is not true. Alcohol can only make you temporarily forget the sadness. And then in that time, you also forget who you are and what happens around you.

Coffee is different! I sip a coffee to have time and space to think about everything. Life will make you sometimes have to let go of something. But if you let go, you can get the better, the thing that really belongs to you.

A cup of coffee can also make you drunk. But only if you drink it too hastily. That drink is never for those in a hurry!

Coffee is the link between joy and sadness

Coffee for both friends and friends is simply a person who comes to drink coffee.

I and my buddy association often choose a coffee shop where they meet and chat after many busy days with each person’s life and work. Beside the cup of coffee, I felt the affection between people and people. I feel happy and happy for something. However, I didn’t even appear in the story that made them happy.

I also like to have coffee when I’m lonely. Do not misunderstand. Loneliness is not only a negative and sad gray. Loneliness is also when you don’t know what you want, who you need to go with. I’m sure everyone needs a friend who is lonely, whether they want it or not. Because it is only when you are with loneliness that you can look back and consider the whole problem.

Coffee is tingling like a song with a lot of silence

Have you ever drank coffee on a rainy day? In the wet air and gray sky, sadness seemed to be heavier. Like a melodious music, sadness, but enduring.

But I do not think, when sad, do not drink coffee. Because for me, coffee is a companion all the time. Be faithful to your emotions and always be familiar with the taste. That’s something I can find in coffee and not in any other drink.

Sip a cup of hot coffee, in the space filled with melodious Trinh music, soaring. Look at the glass door toward the rain, towards the hustle and bustle. I feel serene and strange.

Coffee is a woman who carries a charm in her.

A woman who is stubborn and difficult to love but still makes you passionate and confused. Because the woman gathered many special things, impressing you, remembering and not forgetting. Many connoisseurs of coffee, they drink coffee without sugar milk. But coffee can still grab your heart if you can’t drink like connoisseurs. A little milk, a little ice, you have a sweet coffee flavor. Add some coconut, chocolate, and coffee to transform her into a gentle, beloved beauty.

I have a habit of drinking morning coffee. A cup of milk coffee is enough to make me fall in love all day. Not only because the caffeine in this drink gives me a new source of energy, but it is also because of the tempting taste that is hard to resist.

So, the animal enjoying coffee has so many forms that you need to explore. And coffee is special, unique as yourself!

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