How to keep the aroma of coffee the longest?


Coffee is a drink with extremely rich flavor, characteristic and unforgettable. However, it is not always possible to keep your brewed coffee with the original taste. So, how can coffee not be pale in flavor and taste? And it is important not to affect the health of users.

For connoisseurs of coffee, the use of coffee beans is conspicuous. Coffee beans keep flavor longer than powder coffee. However, coffee after roasting will reduce quality quite quickly. Shelf life recommended to get the best cup of coffee is 1 month.

Làm thế nào để cà phê giữ được hương vị lâu nhất

Keep the cup of coffee mixed with the original flavor

Depending on the preferences of each person, you can use hot coffee or iced coffee. The coffee flavor holds the longest in a hot state. Using a thermos can help you get the best cup of coffee within 3 hours. Of course, you should also note, before being used to preserve coffee, the thermos should be rinsed once with boiling water, then cooled for 10 minutes. The immediate use of the thermos bottle will make the coffee faster to lose heat and the taste has changed in the first place.

You can store your coffee cup with the refrigerator after it has been covered. But this is not recommended. You should use coffee immediately after mixing, do not leave it for too long. Coffee to the refrigerator will also lose its inherent flavor.

Gia ca phe giam ky luc

Smart consumption

Packaging: You should choose coffee packaging which is silver or aluminum coated. This just avoids the coffee flavor escaping and preventing the outside air from entering, causing product damage.

Quantity: You should estimate the amount of coffee you use in a month (for coffee beans) and within 2 weeks (for powdered coffee). This will avoid waste and limit the reduction of coffee flavor. Oxidized coffee products are bad for health. So, this is also a way to prevent the absorption of these substances into your body.

Wisdom preservation

Like many other products. You are advised to leave the coffee in a cool place, avoid moisture and direct sunlight. The proper temperature to keep the aroma of coffee aroma is from 20-25 degrees C.

For ease of storage and use, put coffee in a glass jar or plastic. You can choose dark or clear color vials. If you choose an inner color, you should leave it in a position that is difficult to come into contact with light.

Coffee is easy to absorb other odors, so don’t leave it in the refrigerator. The storage in the refrigerator will make the coffee beans no longer have a characteristic flavor.

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