Ideas that make coffee more bold and unique (part 1)

Ideas that make coffee more bold and unique (part 1)

  • Enjoy coffee in general and weasel coffee in particular, when hot, no sugar without ice is the best way to drink, helping diners to fully enjoy the taste of this product line. However, a little variation with the following ideas also makes the cup of coffee extremely unique.

Use natural sweeteners

Many sweet people like to drink coffee with sugar. However, when drinking coffee with sugar can increase the risk of diabetes and obesity. Therefore, if you want to increase the sweetness of coffee, diners can use natural sweetener, extracted from leaves like stevia.

Dùng Mật ong làm chất tạo ngọt tự nhiên
Using honey as a natural sweetener

Add cinnamon leaf to coffee

  • Cinnamon is a familiar flavor for many people, flavorful, effective to reduce cholesterol and blood sugar. In the composition of cinnamon also contains substances containing antioxidants, very good for the body. Many studies have shown that cinnamon also helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and blood pressure.
Thêm quế vào cà phê
Add cinnamon leaf to coffee
  • And it is very good that cinnamon is one of the most suitable things to combine with coffee. Diners can use cinnamon powder for coffee. The characteristic aroma and flavor of cinnamon when combined with the bitter taste of coffee will give diners a strange taste, sweet in the throat and fragrant smell on the nose. Only one cup this morning was enough to increase alertness and clarity for the whole day.
  • Because cinnamon has sweet taste, diners do not need to add sugar with this cup of cinnamon coffee

Coffee and chocolate

  • This is one of the perfect combinations for the start of the day, or to create relaxation in the middle of working hours.
Thêm chocolate vào cà phê
Coffee and chocolate
  • Diners add chocolate to a cup of hot weasel coffee, the chocolate gradually melts, blending into the coffee line to make it more bitter, more flavorful, fleshy and aromatic passionately passionate. What a strange feeling, it’s worth a try.

Coffee, wine and fresh cream

  • If you love the sweetness, passionate with a little spicy, then the mix of coffee, wine and fresh cream is the right choice for diners.
  • This drink is one of the characteristics of Ireland, invented in the 40s of the twentieth century, with the aim of keeping people warm before inclement weather. With delicious flavors, coffee combined with fresh wine and ice cream is increasingly known and loved by many customers.
Thêm rượi và kem tươi vào cà phê
Coffee, wine and fresh cream
  • The bitter taste of coffee helps to keep the mind clear, the spicy aroma of Whiskey makes the spirit of passion, and the fat and creamy layer gradually melt in the cup to increase the sweetness
  • The preparation of this special drink is also quite good. First of all, diners need to heat the glass, then pour the wine. Diners need to heat the wine and let the wine catch fire, shaking the burning fire in the glass. Add sugar and stir to dissolve, then pour in coffee, then pour freshly whipped cream over the top. Adding a bit of decorative chocolate powder is that customers will have an eye-catching and attractive coffee.

Add butter to coffee

  • Coffee and butter, it just doesn’t matter to each other. Something is black, something is yellow. A sweet, sweet and salty thing, a bitter black thing. But it is this difference that gives diners a strange and delicious, natural and delicious drink
Thêm bơ vào cà phê
Add butter to coffee
  • Diners should be use organic butter to add to your cup of coffee, and remember to use it in hot weather, or it will be a little difficult to drink.

Make coffee with ginger

  • Ginger is a spice that benefits the digestive system, reducing indigestion or bloating. Ginger also helps keep warm, avoiding cold stomach pain. Diners can add a few slices of ginger to coffee and then mix. The taste of ginger will make the coffee cup more intense and passionate. Sipping a cup of ginger coffee will warm up the body, so it is especially suitable in a cold weather.
  • However, there is a note, evening ginger can cause indigestion, so if you drink coffee at night, diners should not add ginger.

Chili powder and coffee

  • This is a very suitable drink for customers who like spicy food. A little chilli added to a cup of hot coffee will make the drink more intense, spicy in the throat and warm on the nose
Thêm ớt vào cà phê
Chili powder and coffee

Add some menthol to coffee

  • This combination will make the cup of coffee with a slightly spicy taste and coolness very pleasant. Especially in the hot weather that makes the human body feel pumpkin, the mint coffee cup is the solution to help decongest effectively. However, remember to just mint moderate, otherwise the drink of the guests will be very spicy and strong.




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