Instructions for use and storage of coffee beans & powder

Whether it is beans or powdered or processed by some way, it is not easy to keep coffee fresh for a long time, even if coffee is packed and stored carefully.

Coffee beans or powder, it is also very fast losing the delicious taste as its original, may even mold if we do not know how to use and preserve properly.

So, how we preserve and store coffee is the right way to keep it delicious for a long time. Duongcafe would like to share some guidelines from experience and simple but effective methods.

The enemy of powdered coffee is moisture, air, light and temperature. To preserve coffee you need to isolate it from the above. Here are some guidelines for you:

first: Always keep coffee in clean and airtight containers: Clean and airtight containers will make your coffee powder not smells off to the outside environment.

Using high quality aluminum and Zipper packaging, qualified to keep coffee aroma longer.

Second: Avoid giving coffee too hot or too cold (ideal temperature 20-25oC), light, damp, bad smell.

third: Do not freeze or keep coffee powder in the refrigerator.

– Coffee is something that can absorb very high odors. So when you look at the refrigerator with other foods, coffee will smell the foods, then coffee will no longer have its characteristic aroma.

– The nature of coffee when roasted will produce essential oils, essential oils will make coffee has its own flavor. But when frozen, this essential oil will disappear and you have accidentally removed the characteristic flavor of coffee.

– The temperature in the refrigerator causes condensation to affect the taste and quality of coffee.

Note: When all the coffee powder is gone, take out the grind to ensure the original flavor. So you will always keep the coffee delicious and save time.


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