Kopi luwak- the most expensive coffees in the world


Kopi luwak- the most expensive coffees in the world

Civet coffee or called Kopi luwak is the most expensive coffee in the world. The common method of producing this coffee is that this kind of coffee is sold with high price.

Kopi luwak coffee
Kopi luwak coffee is the best mink coffee in the world

Kopi luwak is made from the coffee bean digested by a kind of animal like cat called civet or Vietnamese civet, and often called Kopi luwak.

This is the reason why Kopi luwak  is also called civet coffee. Shit of civet will be collected, made products and be on sale. We will show you all information of the producing process and all interesting information about this kind of coffee. The way to detemines the cost of kopi luwak is considered by the providing quantity is small while the consuming demand is big,different flavor and common producing method.

Why does kopi luwak become the most special coffee and the most expensive coffee?

The most important reason is producing process. Look at the below pictures to understand how to make the most expensive coffee in the world: from coffee bean to a cup of coffee.

Ripe berries fall down then civet cats will eat them. In fact, berries contains caffeine as a plant defense against animals. However, this is not an effective protection against the coffee-bean-loving civet cats.

The flesh of the berries is removed during the digestive process. The coffee seeds inside the berries are not digested by the civet cats. The natural zymosis inside civets’ intestines is responsible for giving civet coffee its special and unique flavor. In addition, civet cats prefer the ripest berries.

After about 24 hours the coffee beans eaten by civet cats are defecated. After that, the coffee beans are collected, washed and dried. Once the the beans are dry enough to remove the outer skin or parchment easily, they are ready for roasting before becoming the most famous and expensive civet coffee all over the world.

Now enjoy your coffee and remember not to add any sugar, cream and milk, which can ruin the taste of your kopi luwak.

You should have some notes to purchase your civet coffee.

The berries brings no harm to animals. Unfortunately, several farmers tend to manufacture the coffee unnaturally since they recognize the expensiveness of it. They stopped the natural process and look for a more lucrative alternative. They put civet cats behind the bars and force them to eat berries. Naturally, the coffee should be made through the digestion in wild life rather than in cages. Then, those farmers sell the defecated coffee beans to collectors for roasting.

It is somehow challenging for drinkers to get the authentic civet coffee. Almost cups of coffee sold in the market are  civet-flavoured. The authentic civet coffee is definitely scarce, it is consequently marked up to millions Dong for a cup in Vietnam. Otherwise, people can just enjoy the civet-flavoured ones.

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