Let me get a ticket back to my childhood!

Mid-Autumn Festival is the whole family reunion, even though it is far away, do not forget to come back … Come back to your appointment, when each leaf is yellow. When the wind starts to get cold. When the milk flower scent across the streets gradually became passionate, … we suddenly realized, the collection was back.

Trung Thu da ve khap con pho
Mid-Autumn Festival has arrived

Mid-Autumn Festival – Family reunion day

Referring to the fall, everyone is eager to wait for the big Tet festival no less than the Lunar New Year. That is the Mid-Autumn Festival. Now, the Mid-Autumn Festival is not just a festival for children. The Mid-Autumn Festival is also an opportunity for families to reunite. Leave the children from far away to gather. Enjoy a delicious piece of Trung Thu cake. Sit and watch the moon and share stories surrounding daily life.

But the hurried life made many people forget a day called the New Year’s membership. Forget the memories I used to have, forget the real values ​​that made the New Year members. Let’s go back to the childhood days, to know how to turn to Trung Thu, do not need moon cake. There is no need for busy songs, just being with the person we love is complete.

Trung Thu tre em duoc bo me dua di mua do choi
on the Mid-Autumn Festival, children are taken by their parents to buy toys

The most beautiful lanterns are made from three-hand cans of soft drinks. Although simple but filled with care, meticulous from his rough hands. Three cans are carefully cut into lamps. Attached to each other in bunches and tied into a long string as a handle, the scissors dragged on the village road clinking. The light in the cans of soft drinks turned around to look so funny.

 The toys are simple but meaningful

On that day there were no colorful, fancy electronic lights like now. Just making lights from colored paper has made a lot of designs: star lights, carp lights, butterfly lights, paper masks, … All the children who wait until evening are coming to the village road together. They happily showed each other the lights, watching which lights were more beautiful.

Den ong saoong sao LampBamboo lanterns are not just night lanterns. Bamboo lanterns are the story of adventure games for children. In the afternoons after school, the children rushed to run quickly out of the school gate. Run home and throw away your backpack, change your clothes and call each other to cut bamboo. The child is sharp, the boy is tight, the child is tied. Foolishly, it took a few hours to build a bamboo frame, the sky was dark.

The next day, the whole family donated money to buy paper glasses. Many times, lighting candles and the glass of lanterns caught fire, so they had to start over. Even if I had to do it over and over again, the children of our day were still very happy, because there was still a light to receive the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Paper-based mask – Central Chinese Vietnamese definition

Besides the star lights, carp lights, … the paperboard mask is also one of the toys we wish for. For children today, paper mask is a name that sounds strange, because they are familiar with plastic masks.

Mat na giay boi truyen thong
Traditional mask paper

At that time, children probably knew the movie Journey to the West. So everyone wants to mask the characters in the movie. From monkeys Ton Ngo Khong, Tang Tang, Sa Tang, to Tru Bat Gioi, … Or girls who want to have a beautiful little bunny mask. Generally, masks will be made by adults according to children’s preferences.

Full Moon – The fairy night of children

When the moonlight illuminates the village road, candle light, oil lamp instead of electric light. At the time of the Mid-Autumn, the children seemed to be lost in the fairy tale. The children of every family were eager to change their clothes and pulled together to the school yard. Everyone holds their products in their hands, showing off one’s beauty more beautiful and brighter.

After enjoying the performances, the children will be seated to break the deck. Candy is not much. It is just small scones, green beans or mixed peas, but do not have many shapes, many kinds of people like today. At that time, there were all kinds of “home-grown” fruits, from pomelos to bananas, then fruits and persimmons, … Yet yet the children were still eager to wait for the moment to destroy the cake and eat the cake. , fruit.

Mua Lan (Unicorn dance) – The item is expected

Breaking the deck, the whole bunch pulled together to form a group of solid dragons to the clouds, receiving lights throughout the school yard, all over the village roads. Vibrant drums sounded everywhere. The moonlight covered gold all over the village road mixed with shimmering light from the lanterns.

For the most active children, it is not enough to receive a normal lamp. They like it the most in the street of lion dance, lion dance. They combine into groups that have drums, slots and how are you always dancing and buying fun? Unicorn with different sizes, types, shapes and colors.

The drums, the cheers, the footsteps, and the lion’s dance, fluttered, attracted many people. “Happy heart with lights in hand”, each group of children followed unicorns, the throbbing drum. To the end, everyone regretted and wondered: “When is it ever coming to Mid-Autumn again?”

Sent to you – a person who was “young”

A journey back to childhood helps us to fully experience the emotions we have had. The joys that even today have not been spent. Are you willing to join us back in childhood. The old one tore through the calendar waiting for August with the big moon. To get up and running with your lights. Be fascinated with five fruit tray and a few three baked cakes, flexible cakes. Are you willing to put down the chaos of life? To be relaxed, take a sip of coffee, bite a fragrant scones.

Do you want to rediscover the pure emotions from that childhood? Duong Cafe would like to send you the delicious coffee boxes. are small gifts for relatives on Tet Doan Vien. Each coffee bean is cherished and carefully nourished. Professional roasting and packaging process. The packaging is rustic, simple but sincere. Surely, you will feel the warm and simple traditional beauty that Duong Cafe brings. From outside packaging to coffee flavor when you enjoy. By all, are the “tickets back to childhood” that Duong Cafe sincerely sent to you!

Qua tang y nghia nga Tet doan vien
Meaningful Gifts for Mid-Autumn Festival

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DUONG CAFE – Give you a meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival !!!

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