Meaningful Vietnamese gifts are loved by foreign tourists

Choosing a meaningful gift for international friends is something that many businesses and travel companies in Vietnam are concerned about.

Not only promoting the image of a beautiful and peaceful country in the eyes of international tourists. Gift giving is also a beautiful gesture that businesses send to their customers. Having shown respect and affection for the Vietnamese tradition of hospitality. This will be a good opportunity to score points with international friends.

Một món quà mang đậm văn hóa Việt sẽ là lời tri ân khách hàng hiệu quả

Vietnam is a country that is proud of being blessed with many world famous landscapes. Along with people, culture and cuisine, Vietnam is increasingly attracting the attention of visitors. Refer immediately to the meaningful gifts for them below!

  1. Leaf hat

A symbol of Vietnam – an S-shaped country with a long-standing wet rice civilization. The image of a leaf hat with a beautiful white long-dress is always a gentle beauty that is deeply in the mind of not only for Vietnamese but also for visitors. The eye-catching, full-color, patterned and sized hat hats are too small for international friends to love.

  1. Handicrafts

Handicraft products show the beauty of our father’s traditional technology for thousands of years. The current products are extremely diverse: garment, bamboo and rattan, pottery, wood carving, lacquer … Small gifts with high aesthetics, unique looks, cute conquer every heart International travelers.

Suggestions for you: pottery, brocades, souvenirs from bamboo, bamboo dragonflies, sand paintings …

  1. Traditional dishes

Salted dry apricot, granule rice cake … are dishes that can be enjoyed in any season of the year. Not only are they specialties, they also carry very characteristic flavors. You can only find it in Vietnam.

  1. Coffee

Vietnam is the second country in the world on the global coffee map. Not only high yield, Vietnamese coffee also has its own unique flavor. Coffee is considered the power of life and creativity.

On the Vietnamese coffee market today, you can find a lot of brands and various coffee products in both taste and price. However, the best quality coffee is still a product from Vietnam’s special coffee growing region: Tay Nguyen

Ca phe chon qua doi tac

Offering you the most choices and complete peace of mind about product quality, Duong Cafe is proud to be a reliable partner of businesses and travel companies. Wishing to promote the image of the country and people of Vietnam to international friends.

So what else do you hesitate? Come immediately Duong Cafe to immediately consult the latest coffee products. A meaningful gift for customers!

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