Office workers should know this when drinking coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular beverage products in the world. This drink holds great power in promoting the productivity of most employees today. Therefore, Duong Cafe has summed up what the office staff needs to know before drinking coffee.

Persuasive figures

The Institute of Scientific Information did a study of coffee and workers in 2017. In a survey of over 200 countries, 68% of respondents said that they often drink coffee when working. There are several reasons given, including three main reasons. They like coffee flavor. These people account for the majority of 56%. With 40% of those who have a break. They use that time to relax with concoction and enjoy coffee. Others often drink coffee to increase morale, alertness and less fatigue. This number accounts for about 29%.

Nhan vien van phong va ca phe
Office staff and coffee

ISIC also pointed out that coffee is closely related to labor productivity. The choice of a caffeinated beverage such as coffee makes 43% better work performance compared to other caffeinated or non-caffeinated drinks.

Coffee helps you stay awake

The relationship between office workers and coffee is the relationship between caffeine. These are the cognitive, alert and focused functions of the brain and the flexibility of the body.

In coffee, the most commonly found substance is caffeine. This is a central nervous system stimulant. As its name suggests, caffeinated coffee helps the mind to wake up and provide the nervous system and the body with more energy. This is necessary when the body has just escaped or is slowly entering the biological clock phase to encourage sleep. Thus, drinking coffee will help the mind stay alert, reduce fatigue. The body is more flexible and sensitive. That means reducing the mistakes or errors in work that you may encounter.

Coffee improves productivity and efficiency

Nhan vien van phong va ca phe
Office staff and coffee

After World War II (1914-1918), a breakthrough initiative that strongly impacted productivity worldwide was launched. It is about having a half-time break in the working session. Many trade unions in businesses around the world have included a provision on this time in the contract. This is considered as an incentive for workers worldwide.

At the same time, creating more comfortable conditions for employees. This measure is also a driving force for increasing labor productivity. A study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has proved this. Employees who drink coffee at the break have higher productivity than those who do not use this drink.

Relieve back pain and aches and pains due to heavy sitting

Due to the nature of work, office workers spend almost all time sitting on the spot. During long periods of sitting and working in a chair, back and waist pain can occur. In addition, sitting at a desk and using a large computer also causes dull pain. Typically the neck, shoulders and biceps. Using coffee is an effective way to reduce these pain symptoms. Caffeine in coffee will help relieve them.

The research was conducted within a small group by the National Institutes of Health. People who often work with computers tend to have more low back pain than others. Drinking coffee helps them reduce pain effectively and quickly. Compared with other measures such as massage and medication. Although the number of people studied was small. But this has partly proved the power of coffee.

Reduce stress, stress at work

Ca phe co nhieu loi ich cho dan cong so
Coffee has many benefits for office workers

The aroma of coffee has been shown to reduce stress. Research at Seoul National University (Korea) experimented on rats. Accordingly, people who are frequently exposed to odors have antioxidant properties like coffee. Nerve cells will be protected from stress-related injuries. Compare with higher rates in those who have little or no contact with them.

Besides, drinking coffee also enhances the body’s metabolic activity. This is what office workers always need. To avoid the accumulation of fatty tissue, overweight. The amount of calories consumed when you drink coffee will help you consume excess energy in your body. Even if you just sit in one place and don’t have any other activities.

Increased longevity

Next is a surprising use of coffee. Regular coffee users will reduce the risk of death compared to other groups. About 10%. The above judgment is based on the US National Institutes of Health. Although it is not a drug that makes people “immortal”, coffee has gradually become an extremely wonderful drink for mankind. Thanks to the effects that coffee brings.

Effective working environment

A space full of coffee flavor will be an ideal destination for office workers. The cafe always has quiet space. This helps you increase your concentration. Coffee stimulates creativity. Thus, certain working efficiency is improved.

Quan ca phe la dia diem thich hop cho nhan vien cong so
Coffee shop is a suitable place for office workers

Occupations that drink a lot of coffee

In 2011, a list of the most coffee-intensive industries was listed. Top 5 must include the following industry. Scientists / laboratory staff, marketing / PR specialists, editors / writers, health care workers and educators. Their common point is the work that requires high precision and precision. Flexible working time. Hard work and must be present regularly. Along with creativity at work.

The best time to drink coffee for office workers

Occupying over 50% of office workers in countries around the world use coffee in the morning. From 9am to 11pm. However, in Finland, coffee drinking time is from 1pm to 3pm. The amount of coffee consumed in one day tends to peak in the morning. Slight increase at lunchtime and then reduce to the end of the day.

Starting a morning with a coffee is a good suggestion for office workers. In addition to this time, you should drink coffee after eating for 15 minutes. And have another nap soon after. This will help you wake up when you wake up. Refreshing spirit before starting the afternoon work.

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