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On the market today there is a new type of coffee: pills coffees.

Tablet coffees are widely used in countries around the world. Since using a coffee maker is a regular thing, they can easily brew great coffee in the morning simply. However, in Vietnam and Asian countries, this is still quite new. Partly due to consumption trends. Another part is the Vietnamese coffee culture. Coffee lovers will have strict standards for a good cup of coffee.

Coffee Capsule (also known as Capsule Coffee) is a form of coffee powder that is compressed into small capsules. The coffee used is ready-roasted coffee with the right fineness. Tablet coffees are used with separate coffee makers. Give out coffee with Italian flavor.

Most of the time, people tend to think that for coffee to be sweet and delicious, coffee beans must be roasted technically and grinded. However, this is not really true. Each type of coffee will have different coarse and fineness requirements. Pills coffees have taken advantage of this advantage to create rich coffees with more flavors.

The process of creating a pills coffee is very sophisticated. The bartender will have to know the characteristics of each type of coffee. Then determine the smoothness of the coffee to retain the purest odor and the strongest flavor. From the compressed pills coffee, simply put them in the coffee maker, press the button. After a minute, you will have a delicious cup of coffee no less than at Starbucks.

Because of the high demand for production processes plus the convenience of creating delicious coffee cups quickly. Price of pills coffees is quite high. About 150,000 VND – 230,000 VND for 10-16 members. Thus, to enjoy a cup of coffee at home you will have to spend from 70,000 VND – 100,000 VND.

Demand for coffee machines is increasing in modern families. So using pills coffee will be a suggestion for your morning. However, with the high cost and Vietnamese market without pills coffee products, the pure powdered coffee products of Tay Nguyen will still be a smart choice for you.

Start a dynamic morning with pure coffee from Duong Cafe now!

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