Soluble white coffee or milk coffee?


Soluble white coffee or milk coffee?

Soluble white coffee is a drink of Saigon people. Like black coffee cups, iced milk coffee, and soluble white coffee, they gradually set foot on the list of favorite drinks. But is soluble white coffee is milk coffee? Let’s go find the answer with Duong Cafe!

uống cà phê mỗi ngày

Saigon has always been the convergence of many famous dishes and drinks, bearing the image of all parts of the country. Soluble white coffee  is also a drink introduced into our country from Chinese people (China). In Mandarin Chinese, white coffee is “bleaching white”, essentially a drink with the main ingredient being hot milk and a little more coffee. Silver is white, only milk. Bleach is a glass. Udd is a cottage, a little. And it is coffee. Thus, the nature of Soluble white coffee is coffee flavored milk.

Unlike milk coffee, coffee is added with milk. Many people mistakenly think that silver faint is also coffee milk. Also because the taste of these two drinks is quite similar. However, if you feel carefully, you will discover the difference between them.

Culture is spread and exchanged between regions. Therefore, even food has no specialty food that can only be found in one region. In the heart of Hanoi, we can still find Hai Phong multi-crab cakes, Da Nang melon tea, Can Tho fish sauce hotpot … With flavors not unlike their homeland. Because of that, an old Saigon drink appeared in the Hoa area, now you can enjoy it in the cold in Hanoi Old Town.

Soluble white coffee is a very popular morning drink.

Not only because of the ecstatic and fat taste of milk, but also with the strong and passionate taste of coffee, but also for the nutritional benefits that this drink brings. Drinking milk is a way to supplement the body with many essential nutrients. Coffee will help your mind stay alert, the day is always full of energy.

The market share of soluble white coffee among coffee drinks is increasing. It is undeniable that soluble white coffee is suitable for the taste of more people and suitable for all ages. This is also the ideal soft drink, meeting the tastes of a generation that loves convenience and fast.

With experience accumulated many years with unique creativity, Duong Cafe is pleased to launch the delicious and attractive SOLUBLE WHITE COFFEE Coffee.

Cà phê Bạc xỉu Hòa tan
Instant soluble white coffee

With the advantages of traditional white and instant coffee, soluble white coffee will satisfy even the most fastidious people. The taste is rich, aromatic, harmonious with milk and coffee flavor. A simple, quick way to prepare you gives you a great drink to start your day and be successful.

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