Specialties of the Tay Nguyen – Gifts of the mountains

Tay Nguyen is known as the land of red basalt with vast fields of upland fields. A legendary land with many unique traditional cultural values. This land is attracting more and more tourists both at home and abroad with its landscapes, customs and habits as well as the unique life of the people of Tay Nguyen.


Not only that, this place also gives tourists an extremely wonderful experience of specialties, bearing the sacred forest spirit of the river and mountain. Enjoy the specialties of Tay Nguyen specialties like an interesting adventure, but when you end the adventure, it will only remain emotions. As for Tay Nguyen cuisine, you can still choose for yourself specialties to bring as gifts. Let’s find Duong Café right away!

Grilled rice

Referring to Tay Nguyen, you may not be able to not know grilled Lam rice – the familiar symbol of the food here. The dish is the essence of the sweetness of the cool stream. It is the sweet-scented fragrance of bamboo that seeps into the glutinous rice seeds to be grown by the people themselves. Enjoying special flavors from the mountains and forests will make you smother and immediately choose this dish as a gift.

The Coffee

Ca phe chon weasel
Weasel Coffee


No one will not know, mentioning the Tay Nguyen is to remember immediately coffee. Coming to the Tay Nguyen, the land of coffee, you can choose a variety of different types of coffee as a gift. The vast coffee gardens are carefully cared for and harvested on schedule, producing many kinds of coffee with great taste. You can choose for yourself Robusta, Arabica or more special coffee, Mink coffee. If your favorite person loves coffee, this is exactly the perfect choice. If it is someone who has never tried it, just smell coffee after brewing will want to try it right away.

Half dried beef

Half dried beef is a dish with no 1, 2 tastes even the most fastidious people. Beef will be sliced ​​and then marinated with spices and traditional recipe. Spiced marinated beef is exposed to the sun in the sun, withering, drying and then storing. When you enjoy, you just need to put the beef pieces on grilled coals to eat. A proper sunny cow will have a natural sweetness and typical flavor, surprisingly delicious.


Along with a sunny cow, deer meat is also one of the very popular specialty dishes. If eating right here, the dishes made from venison are very diverse. You can enjoy deer dipping vinegar, hot pot of venison, stir-fried venison, … However, the most suitable dish to buy as a gift is dry deer – the top dish from venison. Non-fat dry deer that has a sweet taste will make you ecstatic when enjoying.

Bamboo shoots

If you only know bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots are indeed an omission. It is not delicious or bitter because it is delicious and delicious. On the contrary, it is very dense, when it is eaten, it is crispy and sweet. It can be used to make many delicious and nutritious dishes. Dried asparagus is often a specialty that tourists choose. Because it does not lose its inherent flavor, it is light and can be left for long.

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