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Premium cafe, delicious coffee in Hanoi

Referring to Buon Me Thuot, people remember right away the immense green coffee gardens, stretching to the horizon.

With the advantage of being a fertile red basalt soil, there are typical advantages of natural conditions, Buon Ma Thuot plateau is not only a place where coffee grows well, but also creates high quality coffee beans , taste is different from many other lands.

It is the difference that determines the competitive advantage of Buon Ma Thuot coffee and this place soon became the “focal point” of the coffee industry in the Central Highlands region in particular, Vietnam in general, especially Robusta coffee is considered one of the best coffee in the world.

With endless passion for coffee. “Essence of Vietnamese coffee – Starting the passion” We introduce and bring to customers the premium coffee products – True style – The most delicious – Clean, safe for consumers’ health.

That’s right, we create our own identity and coffee features that suitable “style” to enjoy in each locality. We also commit that for reputable and reliable partners to expand your business, it is also the pride of the staff of Duong Co., Ltd. cafe.

Premium Duong cafe is the perfect combination of sour, acrid, bitter and sweet sweetness, charming, unique, charming and greasy aroma when combined with condensed milk to create a wonderful and delicious coffee. not comparable.

Black coffee, ice, milk, Hanoi style. Suitable for filter phase, machine phase.

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