Surprised with 10 Unexpected facts about Coffee

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Surprised with 10 Unexpected facts about Coffee

There are 500 billion cups of coffee consumed. Coffee value in the world reaches 100 billion USD. Coffee and the American Civil War … You will be even more surprised by 10 Unexpected facts about Coffee revealed shortly after!

Coffee is now an extremely popular drink. You can find coffee with different flavors and recipes in each country. This creates a very unique coffee culture. However, coffee still has many things that make you admire. Duong Cafe will help you understand more about 10 Unexpected Facts about Coffee!

  1. Coffee is also called Arab Wine

Since 850 AD, coffee has been discovered in Arabia by chance. Kaldi, an Ethiopian goat, discovered coffee when he found his goats full of energy after eating a red berry. In Islam, Muhammad – an open-minded prophet, forbade believers from using alcoholic fermented drinks. Including spirits, wine and beer.

Ca phe tren the gioi vo cung phong phuCoffee in the world is extremely rich

At this time, coffee is the drink on the throne. Coffee is accepted by the ability to awake and increase brain activity. The complete difference with alcoholic beverages causes problems for human mental activity.

In Arabic, this drink is called “gahwa”, meaning wine. From Arab, coffee steps to European countries. And they call it Arabian Wine. However, to each country, the original name is converted so that it is easy to call to the people of each country. “Gahwa” translates to Turkish as “kahve”, Italian is “caffe” and to the UK they are called “coffee”.

  1. Coffee pods

Coffee beans are seeds of Berry berries – a succulent fruit family. The berry family includes fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc. Most of them contain a lot of small water and seeds. However, coffee is not so. Coffee beans account for most of the volume of seeds.

Each coffee cherries will produce two coffee beans. To produce 0.5 kg of coffee beans, farmers need to harvest up to 4,000 ripe coffee beans.

  1. Espresso coffee

In essence, Espresso Coffee is not just the name of a seed like Arabica coffee or Robusta coffee, nor is it just a spice added to a cup of coffee like milk coffee, fresh cream coffee … This name refers to a way of making Italiana coffee.

Espresso is prepared by using hot water compressed under high pressure to flow through a finely ground coffee powder. Espresso coffee has a strong flavor. On the face will appear a layer of brown foam to create aroma for coffee.

ca phe co kem sưa
Coffee with milk cream

Espresso is prepared by using hot water compressed under high pressure to flow through a finely ground coffee powder. Espresso coffee has a strong flavor. On the face will appear a layer of brown foam to create aroma for coffee.

Espresso coffee has appeared in the world for only about 50 years (since 1930) but has now spread all over the world. Every year, the world consumes 14 billion Espresso cups. The most popular and most standard flavors are still in Italya and Spain.

  1. Coffee in the American Civil War

The American Civil War that took place between 1861-1865, was the nation’s interstate war. Although in a difficult, dangerous and inadequate state, North American soldiers were still provided with coffee as drinks.

The soldiers love coffee very much. Their love expressed in the work, they found coffee powder in the whole of the firearm.

  1. Types of coffee in the world

In the world today there are more than 50 different types of coffee but only two are most used in the coffee industry. They are Arabian coffee (or Arabica coffee) and Robusta coffee. The reason is simple because these are two easy-to-grow types of coffee, and most grown in the world.

Robusta va arabica
Robusta and arabica

  1. The coffee country

The surprising truth about Coffee 6 is about coffee countries. Brazil is the country that grows more coffee than all other countries that provide coffee. Every year, the country supplies coffee to one third of the world. And in fact, Brazil has always held the title of the world’s largest coffee exporter for over 150 years.

Finland is the most coffee-drinking country in the world in 2017. According to the report, people in this country drink 12kg of coffee each year. Top countries that drink a lot of coffee are Northern European countries.

  1. Kopi Luwak weasel Coffee

Kopi Luwak is the most premium and expensive coffee in the world. Two famous countries for weasel coffee must mention Indonesia and Vietnam.

Cà phê Chồn - 10 Sự thật bất ngờ về Cà phê
Weasel coffee – 10 Unexpected facts about Coffee


The process to get extremely sophisticated Weasel coffee. The ferrets will be natural examiners, picking the best and the most delicious berries to enjoy. Coffee beans will be collected and processed from mink feces.

  1. Coffee energy

If you drink thick black coffee, without any other ingredients, you won’t absorb any calories from that coffee.

Not only that, coffee also helps you burn off excess fat, which is the same amount of calories in your body. So, if used properly, you can use coffee to reduce fat.

  1. The commerciality of coffee

Just behind oil and gas, coffee is the second most traded commodity globally. The coffee export industry alone is worth up to 20 billion dollars. And coffee is worth about $ 100 billion worldwide.

Every year, about 500 billion cups of coffee are consumed by mankind.

  1. Coffee and deforestation

According to World Wildlife Fund (WWF International Fund for Nature Protection), between 1990 and 1995, up to 37 out of 50 countries with the highest deforestation are coffee producing countries.

In the past, coffee was grown in shade to get the most delicious taste. But because of boosting production, coffee is promoted to grow in areas with lots of light. This makes many forests cut down to make production land.

Above are 10 Unexpected facts about coffee that Duong Cafe has synthesized to help you! Silver can continue to search for other useful information and articles about coffee here!

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