The choice of young people in the trend of enjoying coffee

Each type of coffee has different interesting characteristics that only those who love will feel. But choosing how to enjoy coffee is the hobby and habits of each person. In the present age, young people go to cafes not only to drink coffee, but also to experience many other interesting things.

Go to the cafe to read books

At book cafés, young people can enjoy coffee and find good books for themselves. In a quiet space, only the passionate aroma of coffee and the soft flip of books. This scene is like you’re sitting in a school library. For personal time, drinking coffee and reading favorite books that you normally don’t have time to read.

ca phe sach
Books Cafe’

Enjoying music is also an interesting experience that young people choose

Quan ca phe am nhac
Music cafe

If you see pressure on your studies, discussions with your classmates are in a deadlock. Choosing a cafe and enjoying music is also a good way to relieve stress. The gentle, quiet music of Trinh Cong Son, or melodious symphonies, will help you feel more relaxed and comfortable. Otherwise, you can change the wind by mixing up with a vibrant Rock band. For so much pressure, tiredness escapes according to the verses and notes

Or simply “gossip” and check-in

Sometimes, you simply want to sit at the sidewalk toad with friends cutting the wind. See people, cars on the street and drink a cup of iced coffee.


Check-in is also a trend, bringing excitement to young people. Save a picture to let everyone know that they used to be in beautiful, famous cafes. Or simply save memories with friends, as well as affirm your own experience.


Cafe is not just a drink, but coffee is …

The famous Gertrude Stein once had a very famous saying about cafe. “Coffee is not just a drink, it’s something that’s happening. Not a fashion, but like an event, a place to go. But not like a place, but like somewhere inside yourself. It gives you time, but not really hours and minutes, but an opportunity to do yourself, and drink a second cup. ”

Yes, for young people when enjoying coffee, it is not simply a drink. Cafe may have been a fad, but now enjoying coffee is more like a place to come. At that place, people can shake off the sadness in life, to release souls according to the aroma of coffee. Also in that place will give you the opportunity to be yourself.

For Duong Cafe, too, cafe is a ceaseless creation. Duong Cafe always accepts changes to better themselves, better meet the tastes of consumers. With the idea of ​​”Welcome creative source“, Duong Cafe will bring you a completely new experience of coffee!

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