The coffee material area to making Bac Xiu (White coffee) with bees’s assistance


Bees are gradually decreasing in quantity globally. The practice of agricultural cultivation enhances and uses pesticides, which leads to a decreasing number of bees. Research shows that Ong’s influence on pollination increases the quality and quantity of promising beans for both beekeepers and coffee growers.

Bee pollination and other insects contribute from 5 to 8% of global crop production value, varying greatly between crops – from 0% in wheat to 95% in pumpkin and pumpkin. Although coffee production does not depend on bees like other crops, research shows that bees have contributed significantly to improving the quality and quantity of coffee beans.

Because Arabica pollinated itself, it will still produce fruit even without cross-pollination. However, that doesn’t mean that bees won’t help. Bee pollen increases fruit holding capacity, grain weight and yield.

Researchers have worked to learn about bee’s contribution in coffee production over the decades. In Panama, the Smithsonian researcher Dave Roubik found that bees accounted for 36% of coffee production, of which 25% was honey bees. In Indonesia, bee contributions are estimated to be 12%. That’s where 10-20% of the “pollination phenomenon” comes from bees.

Beekeeping is suitable for coffee cultivation, because harvesting is not affected, and beekeepers can maintain beekeepers for honey collection.

The coffee garden provides its nesting position and food for bees, the diversity and abundance of bees depends on the coffee garden area. Forests surrounding a coffee farm can contribute to 20% increase in production.

Ca phe Arabica


In countries like Mexico and Guatemala, where growing coffee is diverse, farms adjacent to the forest are popular, coffee Agroecosystems have twice as many bees, resulting in 20% higher fruit yield than coffee growing areas. regular coffee in Brazil and Costa Rica.


Vi beo ngay Bac xiu hoa tan

That’s true, because Bac Xiu 100% made from Arabica coffee, grown separately in the Tay Nguyen, with the contributions of his uncle in the process of pollination, the Duong Cafe Arabica seeds are bigger than the coffee beans grown in the different. Good grain quality, leading to better quality of coffee.

Dương Cafe

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