The confidant of a coffee bean

Hat ca phe nho be tao ra nhieu gia tri to lon trong cuoc song

The confidant of a coffee bean

I believe that everything that exists in this world has its reasons. Maybe now, you haven’t received it yet but don’t give up. Keep trying to find the answer. You will recognize many of the existential values ​​around you that you accidentally glance at. I – a small coffee bean. I believe in the value of myself bringing to everyone’s life.

Tam su cua mot hat ca phe
The confidant of a coffee bean

We are present globally. Humanity is increasingly known to us. As an essential drink in life. From the hands of honest, honest farmers. I went into the life of the elite, the upper classes of society.

My hometown is the Central Highlands region of rich basalt red soil. The Central Highlands is part of 1 of 3 sub-regions of Central Vietnam. A wonderful land for my species to grow and develop. However, not only coffee, but it is also the main habitat of many industrial plants. Such as: pepper, cashew, rubber … And our coffee is the most important tree in this area.

The French took us to the Central Highlands of Vietnam first. With suitable soil, climate, and height, this becomes the largest coffee growing area in the country. And bring Vietnamese coffee names to the whole world.

My mother, when I was a small coffee bean, received very thorough and thorough care. Coffee beans are grown by the beliefs and hopes of coffee farmers. Let the mother plant grow. Flowering and fruiting. Looking at the satisfied smile on their faces, I know that this year’s harvest has been bumper. It will be a joyous season to flourish on the people here.

Ca phe chon Viet ra thi truong the gioi
Mink coffee of Vietnam goes to the world market

From the harvesters, I and my siblings were included in the processing process to produce great products of Duong Cafe. We leave the coffee farm, come to the processing factory. It is very close to the farm. This helps us, the newly harvested coffee beans are processed immediately. Through the continuous lines of washing and screening, I was taken to the next stage of the process.

In order to become a popular drink, I need to go through many stages of pain and suffering. Strict coffee production process and many stages. As people often say: “Fire tries gold hard to try.” Taking off the red coat outside, I put on the beautiful green jade coat. But that is not the destination. After the initial treatment stage, small coffee beans are no longer attractive appearance. The taste has not been clearly revealed. Coffee beans are pale and lifeless. But if I give up here, I will only be a bean forever.

Hat ca phe nho be tao ra nhieu gia tri to lon trong cuoc song
Small coffee beans create great value in life

I went through another screening. A vibrating sieve with 16mm and 18mm meshes. They determine if I and my friends will be taken to create any product. In Duong Cafe most coffee beans meet the above criteria to enter the roasting stage. The most difficult period I have to overcome to become a meaningful thing for life.

We were put into roasting oven for 16-20 minutes. The temperature in the roasting oven can be up to 240 degrees C. Getting such a large amount of heat is the process for us to transform. Not only the color but also the inner core. Small coffee beans now become bigger, lighter and emit the most characteristic aroma of coffee. We are ready to create the most delicious and delicious coffee. Give you a great coffee to start the day. From here I was able to contribute value to the coffee you drink every day.

Follow the exclusive know-how and long experience of experts at the Coffee Research and Development Department of Duong Cafe. I have a lot of different beans together. Each product is a harmonious combination of many different coffee species. Robusta flavor is strong. Gentle Arabica with sour taste. Excelsa with chocolate flavor is passionate and attractive.

Cac san pham cua Duong Cafe
The products of Duong Cafe

We, now, are extremely diverse coffee products with many different flavors that go into every part of life. From crowded, noisy sidewalk cafes. Go to luxurious and quiet cafes. From morning coffee you make yourself in your small house every day. Go to high-level meetings, where I serve rich and well-off people. Not only in the country, we are also bringing Vietnam’s own features to countries around the world. Like America, Korea, Japan, Malaysia …

Although it’s just a small coffee bean, now I bring value to many people. The farmers have been struggling hard every day to create sweet fruits for their lives. Increase employment and income for local people. From that impact on the growth of an industry. A country favored by nature.

So you should never give up. Continue on the path to locate who you are. The values ​​that I can bring to my relatives, society and people around me. Like that little coffee bean. Bring in my extraordinary strength to make something great.

Cac dong ca phe hoa tan của Duong Cafe
The instant coffee lines of Duong Cafe

With all the love and soul in harmony, Duong Cafe always wants to understand and listen to what coffee wants to say. Duong Cafe always devotes a special respect for those coffee beans. Putting small values ​​into life to create great values.

With the mission of bringing Vietnamese coffee products to friends in the world, Duong Cafe put into production the most modern line machines. Together devotion from caring for crops to harvesting and processing. The values ​​we send into each coffee bean will be the guideline for the Vietnamese coffee industry. Bringing Vietnam into a strong coffee country. Not only in quantity but also in the quality of coffee and culture to enjoy this drink.

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