The hottest English café in Hanoi

Tan huong cuoc song cung ly ca phe

The hottest English café in Hanoi

English coffee – great business model. One of the reasons young people don’t speak to foreigners is lack of practice. English coffee opens to help young people improve their English skills. Follow Duong Cafe to have an ideal place to learn English.

Italk Coffee Restaurant (Hoang Cau)

Italk coffee
 Italk coffee

With the motto of “drinking coffee, drinking English”, Italk Coffee was born to bring young people a comfortable and dynamic learning environment. People who love English or don’t love English don’t get bored. This is the hottest “English cafe” in Hanoi.

When it comes to Italk Coffee the first thing you have to remember, is that the use of English language is unique. You will be communicated completely in English. From a drink, a talk, a talk, a language is also used completely. The first time you enter the shop, you may be surprised and unfamiliar with a small amount of English. But do not worry, teachers and friends here will guide and help you so you can quickly get used to and integrate. This method is considered to be quite effective for those who are still weak in communication.

With a team of enthusiastic and experienced foreign teachers, you will be able to improve your English skills in the most effective way. Your English communication becomes the easiest and most natural.

Drink English Restaurant (Nguyen Chi Thanh)

“Speak English or pay a fine.” This is the slogan of the shop. When you set foot in the shop you will easily see this slogan. Just like Italk Coffee, when you come to Drink English you can only use English. Of course if you do not comply with this you will be fined.

Moreover, there are many good books for you to explore. In particular, the dictionaries are thoughtfully equipped to help customers look up when they are secretive or want to develop a certain idea. Sometimes, you can’t describe in words, body language is the best explanation. Instead of using Vietnamese, it leads to a fine. It is the punishment that helps you increase your English reflexes faster.

In particular, in each evening you will have a topic to discuss. This will help you be more proactive in communicating and preparing appropriate words. Not only that, you can also talk to the owner. This will help you learn more from successful people first.

Lucky Me Coffee Restaurant (Pham Van Dong)

lucky me coffee
 Lucky me coffee

You want to find people to improve English but you can’t find anyone. Lucky Me Coffee is a great choice for you. This is a meeting place for English lovers. Unlike the above two shops, Lucky Me Coffee is not required to communicate completely in English. When the secret is too, you can use Vietnamese. Of course, using Vietnamese is very limited. In addition to being able to unleash the slash in English with everyone, the pronunciation is corrected. Or presentations, free activities.

Lucky Me Coffee will organize 5 totally free support activities for weekly English learning including:

  1. Practice speaking IELTS
  2. Learn to read TOEIC
  3. English reflex training
  4. Speed ​​Networking English club
  5. Talk directly to foreign teachers

Come to Lucky Me Coffee is not only communicating but you also learn the knowledge to serve your study and work. These skills are essential for you to practice the necessary skills.

Currently there are many methods and tools for learning English. However, no matter what method or language you learn, you need passion and love. Remember that learning must go hand in hand, your English learning process will be improved. Hopefully the above English cafes will help you get more suggestions for your English learning.


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