The reasons why you should enjoy weasel coffee

Cafe chon gia bao nhieu

The reasons why you should enjoy weasel coffee

For those who are fond of and love coffee, weasel coffee is not too strange a name. Not only the taste is particularly delicious, but the process of producing mink coffee is quite complex but extremely interesting. So, what’s so special about weasel coffee, let’s find out and enjoy it with Duong Café!

Appeared very early

Cafe chon cach bao quan

A kind of upscale coffee but weasel coffee appears quite a long time. Previously, when coffee was a luxury drink in France, farmers did not have the opportunity to enjoy coffee beans grown by themselves. Therefore, they had to drink coffee beans from mink. Especially, when drinking this coffee, they find it very special and different from other coffee types. Coffee beans that are thought to be scraps now have a strange taste. Since then, weasel coffee was born and dominated the coffee market in France in particular and the world in general.

Production process of feats

So how is weasel coffee produced? It takes a lot of time to produce weasel coffee with fairly complex production processes.

Ca phe chon
Weasel coffee

Weasels is considered the smartest animal, it only selects special coffee beans that are delicious, fragrant and pest-free. Usually only 20% of quality coffee beans are selected and eaten. Weasels only digest coffee shells, and coffee beans will go out with feces. Within 24 hours, manure containing coffee is collected and dried in the sun to limit the impact of insects affecting the quality of coffee. Next, the farmers will perform the task of separating ferrets out of coffee by gently scrubbing to peel off the husk, then use the wind to remove the crust.

The next job is to discharge coffee through the flow of water to completely remove impurities and bacteria in coffee. Again coffee is sun-dried to taste the best. Quality coffee beans are light colored, when drinking will be much better.

Roasting coffee is also an important stage to create the delicious taste of coffee. If roasted at the wrong temperature and technique, the scent also followed the smoke. No matter how good the coffee is, improper roasting creates a product that is no different from regular coffee. Just enough fire, roasting and coming is the key to successful weasel coffee roasting.

ly ca phe
Attractive, delicious coffee cup

Special taste of Duong Cafe weasel coffee

Unlike regular coffee, weasel coffee has an extremely unique taste, completely different. When you enjoy you will feel the mild taste of coffee, the taste of coffee, not too bitter. After enjoying, the coffee flavor will remain in your mouth, you will see the sweet taste in the throat. This is the typical flavor of weasel coffee that other coffees do not have.

Coffee will taste better when you drink weasel coffee without sugar, with a cup of water. Only this way of drinking can you feel the distinctive, distinct taste of this coffee. The taste of this coffee is so special that just by sniffing, you realize and cannot resist its appeal. When drinking weasel coffee, at first you will feel the faint aroma of ripe fruit, then the smell of coffee with attractive chocolate flavor. Those who have enjoyed this coffee will never forget this characteristic flavor.

With delicious taste, attractive, weasel coffee has been conquering many coffee believers, especially connoisseurs who drink coffee. Enjoy a weasel coffee for you to have an effective and quality working day!

Come to Duong Café to enjoy the best of the best, the best coffee!

Duong Cafe is committed to bringing pure, unique and extremely delicious coffee beans.

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