Traditional coffee roasting – manual – extremely easy to do

Many people think that roasting coffee is difficult for only professional roasters to roast, and without the secret you can still roast your coffee at home. Farmers who grow coffee like pure coffee still roast their coffee for generations.

Prepare materials.

  • A box of butter,
  • Salty water,
  • Brandy
  • The coffee
  • In addition to fat increase, add aroma and richer.

If anyone likes to drink rustic coffee, it is not necessary because the coffee itself is delicious when roasting.


  • A saucepan, or a pan, is okay,
  • If one regularly roasted, then make a roasted cage, then the coffee will ripen evenly.
  • A stove, electric stove, gas, wood … all
  • A blender jar used to grind the coffee when roasting is done.

How to roast.

  • The way of roasting is very simple, just like a woman who cooks normally,
  • First place the pan on the stove
  • Add coffee to roast
  • At first, leave the fire high
  • Appropriate temperature is from 200-250 degrees Celsius

If the fire is small, the coffee will suffer from a bottle that will not taste good, lose its aroma, have to constantly turn to the ripe coffee to avoid the case of the seeds below the black, but the seeds above are “white”, generally making it “black” It is okay, after about 15 minutes, it turns into a dark brown color, now there will be white smoke, notice that you will hear the coffee explode and then turn off the fire, pour coffee out of the air so that the coffee can cool quickly otherwise it will continue to ripen and will burn into charcoal, while cooling can spray wine into (can put salt into wine to spray always,) then add butter, quantity depending on preferences and volume of coffee Roasting, cooling should be able to grind

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