Unique art of making coffee in the world

12 cung hoang dao hop voi do uong nao

Each person can enjoy coffee in their own way. Generally, coffee has only 2 main constituents, water and coffee powder. But, how to prepare coffee is not so simple. Each country, each region in the world has a different type of phase. How to enjoy also varies depending on each culinary culture or individual taste.

The process of making a cup of coffee is like experiencing a unique artistic activity. Just keep the taste of coffee, has shown the characteristics of the country’s cuisine. Let’s discover Duong Café’s art of making coffee of countries in the world right away!

Kyoto drip coffee – Japan

Ca - phe - Syphon
Syphon Coffee

As in the previous article, Duong Café introduced the style of coffee with Syphon. Both bartenders and enjoyers feel like stepping into the space of science and art. The taste of coffee is stored in a bulky apparatus, especially delicious and quintessential. To enjoy a cup of Syphon-style coffee will take a lot of time, at least an hour. But if you go through this exciting process, you will be more and more appreciative of its achievement. Coffee is smooth, fresh and pure. How Syphon coffee blends are especially popular in Japan and Korea. It has now begun to appear in the United States.

Yuanyang (coffee / tea) – Hong Kong

The combination of 2 flavors is contrary to each other but creates a unique flavor. There are many variations in how to make coffee and tea, each with its own taste. Some places have milk tea, but some places are green tea, condensed milk with sugar. The sweet, bitter taste of coffee is accompanied by a mild taste of tea. All create impressive, persistent phonemes in the oral cavity, making people feel for a long time. Yuanyang is a very popular drink in Guangdong (China) and Hong Kong regions. Many visitors to these lands choose to separate Yuanyang to enjoy. To experience the combination of both art of enjoying Eastern and Western drinks.

Filter coffee is a unique culture in Vietnam

Life is more modern, people like everything quickly and easily. The introduction of coffee makers better meet the needs of those who like to drink coffee but are afraid to wait. In Vietnam, caffeine is not lacking in coffee machines

ca - phe - pha - phin
Filter Coffee

Vietnamese people have a special activities, which is sitting and watching every drop of coffee slowly descending. A passionate coffee aroma emanating into the air early in the morning.

Coffee coffee – the process of creating art

Making coffee with phin is an artistic process. To produce the standard cup of coffee requires very elaborate. From the selection of coffee, then roasting, grinding all must follow the standard to get the inherent fragrance, so as not to affect the filtration speed. Before brewing, the coffee filter should be rinsed with boiling water, its temperature equal to the temperature of the water. Thanks to that, the coffee will be brewed at the best temperature, giving the coffee more flavorful and more delicious. The brewer needs to pay special attention to the coffee compression step. The compressive force should be moderate, not too tight nor too light. Then, the water will penetrate the layers of coffee powder and drip down the cup. After completing the artwork, you can enjoy it with milk or sugar, so that everyone’s taste is matched.

Kopi Tubruk (Mud Coffee) – Indonesia

In recent days, we have been living in an extremely vibrant atmosphere brought by Indonesia 2018 in Indonesia. If you have the opportunity to come to this country, don’t ignore “mud coffee”. It sounds terrible, but don’t misunderstand that the combination of mud and coffee! Such a name is because of the way of mixing. People often give about 2 teaspoons of small ground coffee, add sugar, local juice or condensed milk to the cup and then add hot water so the mixture looks like “slime – mud”.

The secret of how this phase is located is how to stop the water temperature. Water should not be too hot to avoid smelling the taste. But the water temperature should not be too low because it will cause the coffee to float on the surface of the cup. With a strong, sweet taste, enjoy sipping slowly, make sure you get caught up in this drink.

Making coffee with filter paper (Drip)

Pha- ca - phe - bang - giay - loc

Making coffee with filter paper (Drip)This form of coffee is very popular in Western countries. The water temperature for making coffee in this way is determined quite picky. The first step is to hatch, pour the water slowly to absorb the coffee beans. Next is moving the water from the cafe center to spread out in a spiral. Note that you should not pour water directly on the filter paper, but have to pour it on the cafe. The water flowing through the filter paper, dripping down the container is the finished product that you will enjoy.

Ibrrik – Turkish coffee

This phase is most popular in Turkey, Greece, some Eastern European countries and the Middle East. The traditional tool used is Ibrrik, made of red copper and brass. First, boiling water in the vase Ibrrik liu riu small fire. Then lift out the Ibrrik, add the ground coffee. The most unique point here is for the whole road and maybe some added flavor if you like.

Then stir the mixture, boil again. When it boils to the point where the foam is almost over, lift the Ibrrik out of the kitchen and continue to stir. When the coffee is slightly cooled, it is reached on a stove with low heat. Just repeat this step 3 times to finish. Finally, you will get a thick, black and foamy coffee. Waiting for the coffee powder to settle to the bottom and cool down, it is time to start enjoying the fruits.

This is the style of making coffee of some countries in the world. In addition, there are many other ways of mixing art with Duong Café not mentioned. Each way has its own unique points that create its own unique flavors. Stay tuned to Duong Café’s articles to learn more about the unique blending styles of this world’s most popular drink!

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