Unique features of making weasel coffee

Unique features of making weasel coffee

  • Weasel coffee itself is a unique product, made up of crystallization of the essence of nature and the skillful hand of man. Each coffee bean when coming to customers is quality seeds. However, to make this product the most complete, give the most delicious cups of coffee, it is necessary to go through the process of mixing quite nicely.

The thing is necessary to make good weasel coffee

  • If you do not make coffee regularly, weasel coffee may cause diners to wonder, do not know how to make it, boiling water is like to achieve, how much water is moderate … However, customers do not You need to be too worried, and you can completely mix yourself with a recipe like regular coffee. It is important to understand the size of the grinding grain, the characteristics of the preparation, and the amount of water needed.
Ca phe Chon weasel
 weasel coffee
  • If the customer has a coffee maker, it is good, because everything will be solved simply. We just need to check the fineness of ground coffee powder, then put in a sufficient amount of coffee powder, apply evenly to the flour and press the button and choose the right time.
  • If there is no machine, diners can still confidently make coffee, that is to use filter. When using a filter, make a pureer ground coffee powder, and use additional filter paper to separate the sediment in the mixed water.
  • To get a delicious cup of coffee in the right way, even if you mix it with a machine or a dish, diners need to remember that every 10 grams of coffee powder should not use more than 30 ml of water. At that time, the cup of coffee we get will be hot, good enough and extremely delicious with a unique flavor, very personal, charming and delusion.

How to make weasel coffee with filter

  • With creativity, in the process of enjoying food, people have come up with great tools for cooking and preparation. Vietnamese filter coffee is one of those products, and always appreciated by customers for its simplicity but usefulness. But to mix coffee with filter need a unique.

Cách pha cà phê chồn bằng phin

The uniqueness is reflected in the quantification of coffee

  • The amount of powdered coffee in the pot should be reasonable, about 20 grams, which means customers will scoop up about 1.5 tablespoons to fill the filter. With this amount of coffee will ensure a thickness of 12 to 15 mm in the filter, then diners flatten the coffee powder with a cap. This is a reasonable level to produce a perfect cup of coffee, not too thick, not too light.
  • Besides the amount of powdered coffee, the extraction time after making water will determine the quality of the cup. And the most reasonable time is in 3 to 4 minutes. If left for longer, coffee will be cloudy and drank. If faster, the water is thin and pale, not delicious.
  • With the volume inside the filter and the amount of coffee as above, it will be reasonable to ensure that when processing water, there will be a suitable extraction time.

Steamed with coffee

  • To ensure the extraction of the most delicious essence of this particular coffee line, it is necessary to have the steaming process. Depending on the autoclave, the steaming time will stay for about 5 to 10 minutes. When you see coffee blooming, the lid is pushed up high. This is the most optimal way because the heat spreads evenly in the powdered coffee.
  • In case there is no pot to steam, diners heat up the filter, then add the coffee, then make about 15ml of boiling water. This method is not as good as steaming because the juice is often uneven, coffee powder may be lumpy, affecting the extract later.
  • After steaming, and taking out the filter, the customer needs to squeeze the coffee that has hatched by pressing the lid tightly. The purpose of this action is to reduce the permeability rate of the blended water when injected.
  • Water used for brewing coffee must be boiling to obtain the best extract. Coffee water flowing down the cup must be in reddish brown color, under the sun without seeing tiny powder or coal dust, it is the great water.

Filtering coffee

  • Diners lined filter paper inside the filter, then poured the mixed coffee to filter out the residue, coal dust, then enjoy.
  • This coffee using hot black is the most delicious, and when added, add sugar to reduce the sour taste. Do not make iced coffee because it will dilute and destroy the typical flavor.

It is important to make a good cup of weasel coffee

  • As analyzed above, there are many factors and feats that make up the deliciousness of a cup of coffee. However, the first and most important factor is coffee quality. Buying a fake coffee or not guaranteeing the quality, even if you make the right process and ask for it, you cannot get the delicious coffee.
  • With long-term experience and top prestige, Duong café always ensures to provide customers with the best and best quality coffee products. Come to our company for free advice and choose quality and reputable products.
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