Unique Tips Making Coffee More Delicious

Coffee has been a popular drink in Vietnam, with many types of coffee, the style of enjoyment is also varied. But not everyone knows how to enjoy this drink in the best way. Here are some tips to help you have a great cup of coffee:

1.Take the coffee pot, pour the coffee powder and mix half a teaspoon of sugar. Heat the mixture on a stove at a low temperature before adding water. Caramel sugar will give coffee a unique aroma.

Mep lam ca phe thom ngon hon
Tips for making coffee more delicious
  1. For a perfect cup of coffee without scaling, while mixing, add one teaspoon of cold water and wait for about 30 seconds. Coffee grounds will settle to the bottom and you don’t need to filter anymore.
  2. Instead of using ice to dilute the strong aroma of coffee, you can use the stones made from coffee. Make coffee and add sugar or milk to taste, cool and pour into the mold, put in the freezer.
Dung chinh ca phe lam da
Instead of using regular water ice, use ice from coffee.
  1. Coffee will be more interesting if you add a few other flavors by placing some cardamom, ginger or a hot cinnamon stick in a coffee pot and heating it over low heat.
  2. The aroma of coffee will become richer if you add 2 or 3 salt seeds.
Cho muoi vao ca phe
Add salt to coffee to make coffee more delicious
  1. If you want this drink to have a rich and special flavor, as soon as the coffee boils and solid, lift it out of the kitchen. Remove foam, stir well, then put the bottle back on the stove. Repeat this action three times.
  2. If you want coffee to have a soft and smooth flavor, add half a teaspoon of butter while making it.
  3. Coffee is not just a drink, you can make coffee ice cream to solve thirst in hot summer days.
Meo dung kem lam ca phe sua
Tips for ice cream making milk coffee
  1. Many people like to drink coffee but are afraid of caffeine contained in it. Don’t worry, there is a way to remove caffeine. You only need to add 2 or 3 cardamom seeds to the coffee pot. This will help eliminate caffeine but still retain the beneficial properties of this drink. At the same time, it makes coffee more spicy and very special.
 Cach loai bo caffeine
Removing caffeine just add 2 or 3 cardamom seeds to the coffee pot
  1. For roasted coffee to have the most delicious flavor, put it in the jar and heat the coffee about 30 seconds before pouring water.


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