Unveiling the secret of choosing Mid-Autumn gifts

The Vietnamese people always value the tradition and family home as well as social relationships. Therefore, Tet holidays are an opportunity to connect family and friends as well as colleagues. On such occasions, gifts and gifts given to each other are extremely familiar.

So, this Mid-Autumn Festival, what gift will you give to the meaning? How to give love and respect to people? Duong Cafe will tell you the secret to choosing the most meaningful Mid-Autumn gifts!

Sophisticated way of giving relatives

Mid-Autumn Festival is a very typical festival. The moon cake itself has the meaning as a wish for the fullness and fullness. Along with that, a box of coffee as a gift, contribute to make Trung Thu more charming and meaningful. Choose coffee to give to your loved ones, you need to prioritize the choice of the recipient. If it is a strong coffee enthusiast, black coffee will satisfy their taste. Those who love new, creative and lighter coffee are different. You can choose white coffee, chocolate coffee or coconut coffee. These are all innovative products of Duong Cafe, suitable for many subjects and ages.

Qùa tạng cà phê

Sincerely yours partner

As with relatives and friends, gifts for partners and customers also need to be carefully selected. Because each gift carries a meaningful message, connecting the friendship in business. When enjoying delicious piece of cake, indispensable cup of warm coffee.

Ca phe Chon - Qua tang cao cap cho doi tac, khach hang

A box of premium moon cake, cared for from the taste of the inside to the form of an outside gift box. Please include a box of premium mink coffee. For weasel coffee, there are 2 choices for you. It is Kopi Luwak, the drink is honored in the elite and connoisseurs of coffee. Or a Weasel box, with a taste that captures anyone who enjoys this premium coffee. Accompanied by a beautiful card, containing sincere wishes, showing your thoughtfulness and sophistication.

Engage with the team of employees

Gifts for employees are considered by many companies to be a beauty in corporate culture. Therefore, many businesses still maintain this beautiful culture during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The gift is the delicious moon cake boxes, quality and exquisite packaging. Let the gift more meaningful when accompanied by coffee, drinks are extremely popular in the office world.

Together with Duong Cafe, welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival – Tet of friendship

Each person holds a cup of warm coffee in his hand, a taste of a dish around a tray. Along with the stories asking each other daily life. Coffee is the bridge to help tighten the friendship. Duong Cafe brings you quality, creative products, with many rich flavors. Let this Mid-Autumn Festival mean more with gifts from Duong Cafe!


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