Uses of coffee according to Oriental medicine, dissolved white coffee and soluble coffee are good for health.

Loi ich ca phe theo dong y

Cafe is not on the herbal list of Traditional Oriental Medicine

When an intersection between Western and Eastern cultures arises, see how the oriental medicine catches the coffee

Cafe seeds are obtained from the fruit of the coffee tree, fire red, into the mind, bitter gas, into the colon. Sweet and bitter spicy taste, dry burning:

The sweet and sweet taste has a nutritious and peaceful effect, can reduce pain, the effect of dispersing into gas, can pass through the blood brain barrier, spread the heat (treat fever), headache.

Bitterness works with low apples and lower levels (curing apple, fertilizing diarrhea), can treat symptoms or low eggs (heat and low diseases caused).

Frenetic nerve: caffeine is aromatic, extremely easy to pass through the blood-brain barrier, stimulating the nerve center, promoting the brain to work, making the mind relatively alert, flexible reaction, increasing ability to think and focus, improve work efficiency.

Bac xiu hoa tan

Caffeine can also stimulate crust of the big brain, stimulate sensation, increase judgment, and enhance memory.

Reinforcement of the tendon, back of the knee: caffeine can cause muscle to contract freely, increase tendon, muscle, reduce movement, increase body flexibility, improve motor function, prevent abdominal distention flatulence, this wandering, stimulating hormonal gastrointestinal peristalsis, is convenient for convenience.

Fatty stain removal: Caffeine accelerates fat dissolution, accelerates metabolism rate, enhances heat dissipation.

Low diuretic benefits: Cafe promotes the ability of kidney organs to release Na+ Excessive things in the body, increase urine release, improve abdominal bloating, support weight loss.

Hemolytic stasis: coffee linoleic acid storage tank, has a blood-reducing and antithrombotic effect.

Enhance esophageal contraction, promote blood circulation, reduce headache due to vasodilation, especially headaches.

In addition, it promotes reflux vein, smoothes skin, makes muscles elasticity, prevents cardiovascular disease.

Slag silver contains healthful ingredients that stimulate brain development and creativity:

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