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Ca phe lam voi di met moi

Giving gift in Asian culture is a beautiful gesture. However, this gesture is also easy to create many unnecessary misunderstandings. Therefore, understanding about giving gifts, ways of giving gifts … is very necessary, so this becomes an effective marketing form of businesses.

Benefits of applying marketing strategy with gifts

Improve the success rate of business transactions

The success rate in the transaction can increase 3-5 times if you effectively apply the benefits of the gift. To achieve it, you need to do marketing, not simply giving gifts to customers and partners. Human psychology is always eager to receive more benefits. A gift will increase the total value that your customers receive. This prompted them to quickly make decisions.

Increase sympathy and service satisfaction

The fact that you send to customers the gifts with the logo and images of the business will make them feel more caring. On the other hand, your business will be evaluated as dedicated and understanding customers. A financially sound business and long-term experience will often apply this approach. Invisible you have created trust for customers about your business!

You can also use a small gift of gratitude to customers who have used your company’s services. They will remember you more.

Gift giving is a way to create an impression and sympathy for customers

Improve customer return rate

As mentioned above, creating impression and sympathy for customers will help your company get loyal customers. Not only that, your current customers will be an extremely effective source of communication when they introduce it to friends, relatives and colleagues. This is an effective approach when the experience of a service user is more appreciated than any advertised image and language. And of course, you won’t have to spend any more.

Truly customer-oriented: gifts are not just a tool, it’s a heart!

You never forget the true thought of the gift, which comes from the heart. Don’t consider it just a marketing tool. Be considerate, and approach customers more closely through a meaningful and useful gift.

Coffee – a meaningful Vietnamese gift for customers

cà phê chồn

Ca phe chon qua doi tac


Quà tạng cà phê cho khách du lịch

Duong Cafe Co., Ltd received print the trademark of your company on the packaging of coffee products Free gifts

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