Weasel Coffee

Ca Phe Chon

Weasel Coffee

For coffee drinkers, no one never heard of weasel coffee. And indeed, the number of people who have ever drank coffee Weasel goes against the number of people who heard about it. For one thing, there are now so many people selling weasel coffee, it should be said that it is “flavored” weasel coffee.

On the market today, there are many products, with many different prices, between the real and fake confusion, … users do not know where is authentic weasel coffee, even if money does not dare to enjoy. And gradually, weasel coffee can only be heard and heard, not many people can drink true weasel coffee!

Ca phe chon

We are not picky, no hype, no polish, … the reconstruction of authentic Weasel coffee by purifying and nurturing weasel notes in conditions close to the natural environment. Coffee is one of the favorites, but it doesn’t always catch them, … it all complies with their natural characteristics.

– Product information

* Ingredients: 100% Robusta coffee beans through the digestive tract of Weasel

* Raw materials: Natural ripe Robusta seeds are carefully selected from Coffee Garden.

– Characteristic:

* Brown, comparatively low, not sour, high caffeine content of 100% robusta seeds.

* Whole grain or ground flour

* Humidity: 5%

* Ash does not dissolve: 0.1%

* Packed according to 500gram bag size

* Preserved in dry, cool place

* HSD: 1 year from the date of manufacture

Any individual, shop, agent, company, corporation, organization that needs to try it out to distribute instant coffee, powdered coffee contact Hotline, or fill out the following Form:

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contact us:

address: 107C Minh Khai, Phường Minh Khai, Quận Hai Bà Trưng, TP.Hà Nội
Hotline: 0912 104 901
Email: duongtamthanh@gmail.com   –  info@duongcafe.com

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