Weasel coffee – a meaningful gift for teachers

Weasel coffee – a meaningful gift for teachers

  • We always want to give our teachers the most meaningful gifts to show respect and deep gratitude. However, choosing the right gift sometimes is not easy. Donating towels, shirts, ties … there are too many people choose. If you want to find a unique and meaningful gift, weasel coffee is a suggestion.

Unique crystalline product

  • Unlike other coffee products, each weasel coffee bean is the unique crystallization of three factors: Ripe coffee, weasels and skillful processing of skilled workers.
  • Coffee is a very picky plant for growing conditions. And when meeting the right conditions, coffee plants develop and produce the most delicious coffee beans, which are the crystallization of the essence of nature. To the season of ripe coffee, the characteristic aroma attracts weasel to eat. These can be considered as natural, uncensored censors, because with developed hearing, ferrets only choose to eat the most delicious and ripe, no worm, rotten coffee.
  • There are many animals that also eat coffee, but why not create a delicious coffee type like this product. The great thing is explained by the special enzyme of weasel. Nature has created coffee plants, a species that is very useful for human life. And nature also perfected it because it created the weasel. The enzyme in the stomach itself penetrates through the outer husk, penetrates and transforms the beans, creating a breakdown of protein structure and grain fermentation.
mỗi hạt cà phê chồn thành phẩm là sự kết tinh độc đáo
Each finished weasel coffee bean is unique crystallization
  • Each finished weasel coffee bean is a unique crystallization
  • People have further perfected this special product by processing their marvel. This feat is reflected in the strict requirements of collection time, tempering time, temperature of roaster … only one difference can also damage the whole batch of coffee.
  • The very feat and originality of the whole process has created extremely delicious and unique coffee products, making everyone fall in love.
  • We dedicate weasel coffee to our teachers who are giving a unique, a product created from the essence of nature and the dexterous human hand. precious in the heart of the donor.

weasel coffee shows sincere interest in teachers

  • It is not wrong to say so, this is a necessary and very good product for teachers’ health because it brings so many benefits.
  • Many studies have shown that this product contains minerals such as Mg, K, Ca and antioxidants. This will help improve the health of teachers, reduce the risk of cancer and repel the aging process.

Ca phe Chon weasel

  • The process of teaching with lesson planning, going to class takes a lot of time to make many teachers less able to exercise, and the weight problem makes many people think. Coffee is a low-calorie drink, when used in a reasonable manner, it promotes metabolism, burns energy, helps to reduce fat and provides a slim body.
  • This product helps prevent high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, and helps to bring the cardiovascular health to health. Many experts also said that drinking coffee regularly will reduce the risk of diabetes.
  • Many people still say that each other is for each other’s health. Offering this product is the most meaningful wish to teachers and teachers.

Weasel coffee helps relieve stress

  • More than ever, class work always requires teachers to be smart and smart to convey the best knowledge to learners, as well as handle situations that arise in the classroom. A cup of this coffee in the morning will give teachers great alertness for a long day of teaching.
  • When stressful, a cup of hot coffee will be an effective solution, to help relax the mind, relieve stress and balance again.
  • Understanding these things, Duong café always cares for its products, to create the best gift for teachers and beloved friends.
  • Product quality is always ensured with strict technical requirements
  • Cà phê chồn giúp giải tỏa căng thẳng
    Mink coffee helps relieve stress
  • Choice of weasel coffee, as well as other products in our company, is to choose peace of mind and practicality when using or donating. Come to our company for free advice and select quality and reputable coffee products.
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