What does the FA Group do to survive the Mid-Autumn Festival?

Today, the Mid-Autumn Festival is not just for children. It is also an opportunity for young people to have the opportunity to change the atmosphere with friends and lovers. However, this Mid-Autumn Festival you still have the FA Group. So it doesn’t matter. Duong Cafe will help you turn a “heartbreaking” night into great memories in this Mid-Autumn season!

  1. Organize a small party with your family

It is no coincidence that the Mid-Autumn Festival is called the Family reunion day. Instead of going with the lover to watch the lantern, watching the lion dance or flirting with each other, open a small party to have a chance to sit and eat rice, have a happy conversation with grandparents, parents and siblings. If you go to work or go to school far away, this is a very good opportunity to foster your family’s affection. Going out with your friends doesn’t work, but talking to your family is not always possible?

If you are a brother or sister or have been a elder uncle / uncle / elder aunt / aunt, then you should buy small gifts for children. If you are a little more skillful, you should work with your children to make toys for the night of the procession of lights. Paper masks, pinwheels, star lights, are traditionally easy to make toys. Meaningful to the children keep the traditional beauty.

  1. Cooking

Mid-Autumn Festival does not date, does not go out to play, does not go home with the family so why hesitate any longer without the supermarket going straight. Shop for ingredients to cook the dishes you want to try. Whether you cook well or not, cooking your own will increase the deliciousness of the dish. Enjoy a “handmade” meal like that you will be extremely excited and happy.

Tu nau nhung mon an yeu thich
Cook your favorite dishes yourself

If you are staying with your family, or having enough time to go home, cooking is more meaningful. Let’s go to the kitchen and cook the cooking right away for the whole family to enjoy. There is no need to be far away from complicated and simple dishes but contain the sincere feelings that you give to your loved ones.

  1. Call your relatives

If this Mid-Autumn Festival you do not have the opportunity to go home with your parents or grandparents. So don’t be sad, let’s facetime to feel the Mid-Autumn Festival with your family. The questions asked, the sincere wishes for relatives will still be fully conveyed through such calls. Even if you can’t directly experience that warm atmosphere, just listening and looking through the phone screen is happy enough? And sure enough, the family will be happy to receive a call from you!

  1. Let’s hangout with Group FA to Mid-Autumn Festival

Team quiver

Everyone has a buddy association in the same situation, so why not plan to gather? The whole group went to eat together, went to see the autumn lights, and went to process the lights. Listening to it is just as interesting as the couple going together.

Her team is eight

“Mid-Autumn Festival has moon cake” – moon cake is indispensable on this occasion. Eat a moon cake, take a sip of delicious coffee, and sit and tell each other stories from an innocent time. Crunchy laughter dissolves with the drums of “spare..dinh … nutrition”. This is as fun as taking a light, dancing outside the street!

  1. For the trip itself

Mid-Autumn Festival, everywhere in Vietnam will be jubilant with brilliant flower lights, bustling lights. Have you ever found yourself in Hang Ma neighborhood with brilliant lights? Have you ever been to the Mid-Autumn Festival in Tuyen Quang? Or did you ever go through Lantern Street (District 5 – Ho Chi Minh City), Hoi An Ancient Town? If not then go to these places to experience the most obvious atmosphere of the Mid-Autumn Festival! Experience yourself and take photos to enrich the collection of your trips now!

  1. Participate in volunteer activities

Why not make yourself a more meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival with volunteer activities. Do not hesitate any longer without quickly registering social activities. This is a very good opportunity to experience the lion dance activities, procession of lights, handmade gifts and play with the children with special circumstances. The Mid-Autumn Festival will be more complete when bringing joy to others.

  1. Watch movies

Have you ever gone to a movie alone? If it goes, how does it feel? If not, Mid-Autumn Festival is an opportunity for you to have more privacy and freedom than ever. Don’t be afraid to go to the movies alone. Because it is good to go alone. You won’t have to wait for anyone, feel free to choose the movie you like. Feel free to express your emotions when watching some high-end movie. And maybe, the next seat is an FA friend who goes to the movies alone like you.

xem phim mot minh la lua chon kha on cho FA day nhi
Watching movies alone is a good choice for the FA

At home watching movies is even more comfortable. Experience the movie theaters you’ve missed. Whether you laugh, cry or scream, it doesn’t affect anyone.

  1. Coffee alone

Do not think that coffee alone is lonely, is boring. In fact, coffee alone will bring many special and interesting things. Just find yourself a table in the corner and order your favorite coffee. Sitting and enjoying coffee, watching the crowded people like the festival. See the lanterns swinging in the wind, looking at the bright smile of a child when their parents take them to pick up the lights. All create a bustling scene, which you are the witness of that joyful atmosphere.

  1. Load energy with a deep sleep

After long days of hard work and study, everyone wants to rest. Instead of going out to the crowded streets, sniffing dust, try giving yourself a peaceful day at home. Clean up the room, put on a mask, and open your favorite songs to help you have a more peaceful sleep.

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