Enjoy the luwak coffee – the taste of the most expensive drink on the planet

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Enjoy the luwak coffee – the taste of the most expensive drink on the planet

When referring to beverages from coffee, luwak coffee is always named first in the list of elite and connoisseurs of this drink.

This is the culmination of the coffee world and is a very expensive drink in the world today. The characteristic flavor, the 1-0-2 production method is the reason that luwak coffee is more expensive than other types of coffee. Let Duong Cafe find out about this luwak coffee!.

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History of hundreds of years of luwak coffee

After the colonial occupation of Western countries, around the beginning of the 18th century, the Dutch brought a new species to Indonesia – coffee. From here, the luwak coffee story begins and is becoming more widespread around the world as we know it today. Kopi Luwak is Indonesian name for luwak coffee with Kopi as coffee and Luwak is a luwak species living in Java.

Ripe berries are the favorite food of this Asian luwak. The best coffee after the “experts of nature” carefully selected. They are digested by the stomach of the flesh. Therefore, the application of this production process will produce products that ensure the quality and uniformity of coffee beans is the highest.

Coffee beans are protected in the hard shell, not affected by digestive enzymes so they are excreted in the same feces. Although these enzymes do not break down coffee beans, their impact on coffee beans is huge. Coffee tastes bitter, unique flavor, aroma up the smell.

The production process of fine coffee from fecal feces

Coffee beans in the luwak feces will be collected, then they are cleaned and disposed of all impurities to ensure food hygiene and safety for users. Ripening the coffee is the last step before we get the attractive drinks at high prices in the market.

The “winged” comments for luwak coffee.

Luwak coffee received many compliments about the taste delicious compared to other types of coffee. Enjoy a cup of coffee in which many flavors combine to be something you can only feel from the coffee. It is a sweet and fragrant fruit, coffee aroma in harmony with attractive chocolate. You will also be surprised to discover that the coffee is mild, not uninteresting but still very fading color on the lips with the fragrant subtle spread in the air. What is more amazing is that all senses are awakened and experience this special!

With the desire to give coffee lovers the chance to enjoy quality luwak coffee at home, Duong Coffee is proud to bring the line of high quality coffee Kopi Luwak.


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