Enjoy Weasel Coffee – the typical flavor of the most expensive drink on the planet.

Dia chi ca phe CHON uy tin Ha Noi

When it comes to drinks from coffee, weasel  coffee is always listed first on the list of the elite and connoisseurs of this drink.

This is the culmination of the coffee world and the drink has a very high price in the world today. The characteristic attractive flavor, the way of producing 1-0-2 is the reason why weasel  coffee has a much higher price than other types of coffee. Let’s join Duong Cafe to findout about this kind of weasel coffee!

Dia chi ca phe CHON uy tin Ha Noi


Hundred years of history of weasel  coffee

After the occupation of Western colonies, in the early 18th century, the Dutch brought a new plant introduced into Indonesia – coffee. From here, the story of weasel  coffee is started and gradually spread around the world as we know it today. Kopi Luwak is the Indonesian name for weasel coffee with Kopi is coffee and Luwak is the name of a weasel that lives in Java island (Indonesia).

The mature berries are the favorite food of these Asian weasels. The best berries after being carefully selected by the “experts of nature”. They are stomach weasels digesting the whole flesh. Therefore, applying this production process will produce the highest quality and uniformity between coffee beans.

Coffee beans are protected in hard shells, do not suffer from the effects of digestive enzymes so they are released with weasel  feces. Although these enzymes do not break the shell of coffee beans, their impact on coffee beans is huge. Bitter coffee, unique flavor, fragrance aroma.

Production process of premium coffee from weasel

Coffee beans mixed in weasel  feces will be collected, then they are cleaned and processed out of impurities to ensure food hygiene and safety for users. Roasting coffee is the last step before we get an attractive drink at a high price in the market.

Moka cau dat
Roasting coffee properly helps coffee to smell and have beautiful colors

“Winged” reviews for weasel coffee.

Weasel coffee received many compliments about the delicious taste especially compared to other coffees. Enjoy a cup of coffee which blends in many flavors that you can only feel from this coffee. It is a sweet ripe fruit flavor, coffee flavor harmonizes with the attractive chocolate flavor. You will also have to utter astonished that the coffee flavor is light, not so dramatic but still hard to fade on the lips and the aromatic aroma spread in space. What’s more amazing when all the senses are awakened and experience this special!

With the desire to bring coffee lovers the opportunity to enjoy quality weasel coffee at home, Duong Cafe Co., Ltd. is proud to bring the premium product line of Kopi Luwak weasel  coffee.

Qua Tang cafe chon
High quality Kopi Luwak mink coffee, exquisite packaging will be great for everyone
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Hotline: 0912 104 901
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EXCELSA Gói 250g

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Robusta GÓI 250g

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