Filter coffee – Traditional coffee flavor

Vietnam is known as a producer of high quality coffee. And there is art to enjoy unique coffee. Traditional filter coffee-flavored coffee

Coffee follows the footsteps of French people who came to Vietnam from colonial times. Through many ups and downs along with history, coffee gradually became more popular in the daily life of every human being. The taste of traditional coffee is not lost. Unlike Westerners, coffee is considered a quick drink, helping the mind to be awake, Vietnamese people consider enjoying coffee to be an elegant pleasure. Beside the coffee cup, they just sipped small sips while reading newspapers, listening to the radio. Or chat with friends, with partners to discuss business. Or simply sit and reflect on life, about people.

Thuong thuc ca phe chon

Bold, bitter, aromatic almond flavor, the aroma of nature is a passion for Vietnamese people. Depending on the type of coffee that each person feels is different. However, to fully enjoy the essence of every cup of coffee, nothing by mixing tradition. Enjoy filter coffee.

The filter to make coffee is coated with hot water to help the filter get enough temperature to make the coffee smell better. Put the coffee powder in the filter, gently cover the lid, then press down with a moderate amount. Coffee is brewed with boiling water to soak the water and bloom evenly. Then the boiling water is added to the filter slowly, waiting for the water to seep into the coffee before pouring again. And then there are the waiting moments. What’s better than sitting next to a glass of hot, steaming smoke. Coffee slowly drips each strong flavor. It is also the most relaxing moment, fully enjoying the rhythm of life, skipping out there and worrying about daily life.


Life is increasingly bustling with many worries and plans. So it is very difficult for you to meet the images of people sitting drinking coffee as before. Instead, instant coffee on the throne, dominating for a whole generation of young people needing drinks can help them mingle with concentration, dispel the feeling of constant fatigue every day. Understanding that need, Duong Cafe has researched and launched instant coffee product lines with many unique and new flavors.

Cafe dissolves Coconut Coffee
Coffee soluble Chocolate Coffee

From the best quality coffee, undergoing strict processing and handling, Duong Cafe promises to bring you the most meaningful gifts!

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Bạc Xỉu hòa tan (10gói)

EXCELSA Gói 250g

Moka GÓI 250g


Robusta GÓI 250g

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