Fin Coffee – beautiful Vietnamese culture


Fin Coffee – beautiful Vietnamese culture

Vietnamese people have a lot of styles to enjoy coffee, however, fin coffee express the beauty of Vietnamese culture. The beauty in peaceful mornings is the image of people just sitting cups of coffee while reading the newspaper. Or in the cafes, melodious music, warmth and coffee aroma combined with the stories of everyday, …

Ca phe pha bang phin nhom se ngon hon

Special taste of fin coffee 

According to Didier Corlou (French), former chef of Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi: “Vietnamese coffee taste is what makes Vietnamese coffee different from other countries in the world. Especially when you mix, the smell of coffee is passionate like the smell of a woman. If you enjoy Vietnamese coffee in the coffee capital of Buon Ma Thuot, you will find this particular cultural identity is expressed most clearly. This is only in Viet Nam but not in any other country in the world. “

Drinking style makes a difference

The truth is, unlike the style of American Starbucks coffee, or Milan style of Italy, is not as strange as the Turkish style, poured sugar and coffee in general and then boil. The style of enjoying Vietnamese coffee is very personal, most of them use fin to mix. That style is such a culture: sip and think.

The coffee beans are crushed into the cups and the boiling water is poured on top to be filtered into a cup or cup located at the bottom of the filter. Those who want to enjoy coffee often have to spend more time drinking coffee than conventional soluble coffee. The feeling of sitting and waiting for every drop of coffee drops is fun and thrilling. When the last bit of water on the filter stops flowing, it’s time to enjoy a wonderful cup of coffee. It may be a hot black coffee, otherwise add some milk or sugar, want to drink ice or heat, depending on the preferences of each.

Enjoy the taste of life

When you take a sip of coffee, an ecstatic scent pervades the nasal cavity. Accompanied by that gentle bitterness on the lips, we can feel the taste of coffee is melting in the mouth. More than that, coffee has enough bitterness to help us think. Warm enough to create a feeling of floating. There is enough acidity to think about failure. There is enough salinity to think of the motherland. Sweet enough to feel loved. And, there is enough time to reflect on life, … to make our souls relaxed.

Beautiful in Vietnamese culture

Van Hoa Ca phe Viet Nam

Modern life has made the image of the office workers just rushed and holding soluble coffee is becoming popular. That is enough to show, the image of people sitting by the cup of coffee, just sip small reading newspaper, listening to music, chat, … how beautiful pictures, how peaceful. There may not be a country in the world, a nation famous for drinking a drink. However, in Viet Nam, coffee has become a beautiful culture. This beautiful feature has added a special feature to the picture of Vietnamese culture.


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