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Coffee has long been a popular drink in the world. It helps to be alert and motivated to start a new day. Along Duong Cafe to find tastes under the following article, passing some of the best coffee in the world.

1. Kopi Luwak Coffee (Luwak coffee)

cà phê chồn tại Dương Cafe

Kopi Luwak is the best coffee in the world. It is used to refer to a nut that is eaten by the spotted cockle and produces it. Spotted cockroaches (Paradoxurus hermaphrodites) of the Viverridae family, which are scattered throughout Southeast Asia such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Viet Nam and southern China. Their favorite drink is fruits and berries. But when the stomach is the only part of the coffee is digested, the coffee is digested by the digestive tract. This process has created the famous luwak coffee of today.

2.Coffee Pacamara

Pacamara is a hybrid of the Pacas and the Maragogype. The breed was created in El Salvador. The size of the charcoal and Pacamara coffee beans are huge. Coffee produces high yields when grown in upland areas. Its taste is very characteristic. Pacamara has a sourness, sourness, sublimation in the sense of taste and long attachment.

3. Blue Mountain Coffee

Blue Mountain Coffee is one of the most expensive and popular Arabica coffee beans in the world. Blue Moutain is best planted in the high mountains of the Blue Mountains. The climate here is pleasant, the rainfall is heavy, the soil is rich in nutrients and good water absorption. The combination of soil and climate creates ideal conditions for coffee.

Blue Moutain is famous in the world with light flavor, fragrant, little sour, sweet little, rich. Currently, Japan is the largest importer of Blue Mountain coffee (90% of total production).

4.Cafe Typica

Arabica Typica is the oldest coffee variety in the world. Typica has very low yield, small grain size, oval shape. However, the quality is excellent with excellent taste, bitter sweet taste mixed with a bit sour, physically strong and balanced.

5. Ethiopian coffee

Ethiopia can be considered as the cradle of the coffee industry. Farmers cultivate Ethiopian coffee in four different systems, including coffee, coffee, coffee and coffee.

The aroma of indigenous coffee varieties in Africa is extremely rich, smells intermingled from chocolate to the smell of pies, from the smell of grass to the smell of fruit; From sweet to sour, from bitter to spicy.

6. Villasarchi Coffee

Villasarchi is grown in the western valleys of Costa Rica. They grow well in highland areas. Villasarchi’s fruit has a bright red tinge that looks very beautiful and attractive, quite sourly mixed with a very sweet bitterness, creating a strange feeling when drinking.

7. Geisha Coffee

Geisha is an extremely rare coffee variety in the world. Geisha has a sweet taste, sweet and sour taste, rich aroma, even ripe fruit like mango, papaya, peach with honey, the smell of grass, the smell of strawberries. Common wood with malt smell …

8. Colombian Coffee

Colombian coffee is a combination of Robusta and Arabica. Colombian coffee has a strong aroma, excellent, very high acidity, with a bitter taste, almost no sweet taste, strong body, used in high-end coffee brands.

9. Jember Coffee

Jember coffee gives a cup of dark brown water with a high caramel content in the seeds and a strong smell of syrup, a sweet, juicy fruit flavor.

10. Catuai coffee

Cà phê Catuai

Catuai is a hybrid of Novo Mondo and Caturra varietals and originates in Brazil. Catuai coffee when ripe can be red or yellow. The variety gives the fruit its yellow color and makes the mouth feel stronger. Red Catuai has a more elegant taste.


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