Giftting coffee in the Mid-Autumn Festival. Why not?

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Giftting coffee in the Mid-Autumn Festival. Why not?

Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the important Tet holidays in Vietnam. In this festival, everyone gathered together, lighted the lamp, looked at the moon, broke the deck. A pair of scones, or a pair of flexible cakes seems to be a gift too familiar to everyone. Please look forward to the unexpected gifts that Duong Cafe will give to you on this occasion!

Mid-Autumn Festival has the origin of agricultural civilization of the Vietnamese people. At this time, the air is cool, the harvest is waiting for harvest, people open the festival, sing and have fun.

Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional Tet, which comes from the story of “co-uncle and aunt”. Every year to this day, people are busy together bustling together to break the deck, watch the moon. The children rekindled and excitedly lit lanterns throughout the village streets and alleys.

Chu Cuoi or Chi Hang is familiar with all Vietnamese people. The steaks and flexible cakes filled the streets during the lunar August of the lunar calendar. It reminds us of beautiful memories of a childhood, frolicking with small groups in the village. Make us remember about the family of every child away from home. Mid-Autumn Festival – Lunar New Year !!

Why is this Mid-Autumn Festival, we don’t give each other a coffee gift bag? When eating a cake combined with a delicious cup of coffee, that’s right. The soft bitterness of coffee will lessen the sweetness of the cake. Baking and pastries make you sick, but now try coffee. This combination, not only helps you taste better, but also makes you alert, more focused.

I have been away from home for a long time. Every time when the holidays and Tet come, I don’t have much time to visit my family or my hometown. So, every time I see the bag of colorful moon cakes, I stop. Sipping a cup of coffee, enjoying a slice of baked cake made my heart grow more. I remember !!

Come to Duong Cafe you can “choose” for partners on this occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival:

Coconut coffee

coconut coffee

Chocolate Coffee


Weasel coffee

ca phe chon

Soluble White coffee

Bac xiu

These are unique products, bringing their own creative style. If coconut coffee is a wonderful combination between Vietnamese coffee and traditional coconut. Weasel is the most specialty coffee in the world. Silky coffee is a new, sweet combination. But in general, the above products are very meaningful gifts as gifts for your friends in this Mid-Autumn Festival. Duong Cafe always brings you the best products. Moreover, Duong cafe has a program to print Partner Logo on its products to increase the brand’s brand. Come to them dark, surely you will be satisfied !!


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