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Mid-Autumn Festival is a important festival in Viet Nam. It is a time for the whole family to gather together and break the moon, enjoy the moon. This is also a chance for people to express their love, to maintain a good relationship in the family.

In the previous article, Duong Cafe introduced to you some meaningful gift on the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival. So, you decided to gift that you want to send on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival yet? It will be a familiar combination between Moon Cake and Tea. Or do you want to surprise your loved ones with Moon Cake – Coffee? Please refer to the article below for more detailed suggestions!

Robusta – Familiar popular flavor

Ca phe robusta

This is the most popular type of coffee in Viet Nam. During the waiting time for coffee, members of the family sit together to enjoy the moon cake, sharing the stories of each other. Then, a small sip of coffee, with strong flavor to help the story becomes more meaningful. Then there is bitterness and lightness, making the body more deposited.

“Bac xiu” instant – a gift for women

Bac xiu hoa tan

This is a product with a harmonious combination of coffee and milk. This product is highly nutritious, especially suitable for women in the family. With the sweet taste, the gentle combination of coffee and greasy milk, sure enough to appeal to the taste of the mother, sister.

Luwak coffee – Drinks of coffee connoisseurs

cà phê chồn tại Dương Cafe

If your family member is a person who loves and cares about coffee. Then, Luwak coffee is the perfect gift beside the moon cake. A cup of Kopi Luwak is full of sour, sweet and bitter taste. Or weasel cups with passion, subtle chocolate flavor with bitter taste.

Although weasel is the most expensive type in the world, but that is nothing. Because of its unforgettable taste, it does not make the gift more meaningful. When, what year is the gift to your family is also Moon cake – Tea ???

Duong Cafe is proud of being a company providing coffee powder, soluble, quality silver with rich flavor, meet the needs of customers. Let Duong Cafe contributes to create a Mid-Autumn Festival of your family, relatives meaningful.


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