Giving Mid-Autumn Gifts – How to choose smart, how to give a good gift

Gifts for Mid-Autumn Festival are a beautiful culture of Vietnamese people. However, how to choose the best gift for the donor. And how to give gifts so as not to lose the meaning of this New Year is not easy!

On Tet Doan Vien holiday,it is not only a holiday for families to gather together, children have fun playing folk games. This is also an opportunity to connect and repay more emotionally linked to social relations. So, expressing your affection for each other is a very precious thing.

For businesses, not giving Tet gifts to employees, customers or partners … is often judged to be unprofessional, indifferent and even disrespectful. Therefore, the selection of Mid-Autumn gifts is very noticeable.

Qua Trung thu 2018
Mid Autumn Gifts in 2018

How to choose smart

No matter who it is for and on what occasion, the most important thing is the donor’s attention and attention when preparing the gift. This shows the sincere thanks, the deep gratitude and affection of the donor to the donor.

With partners, customers … high-end product lines with excellent taste and luxurious design, beautiful is a wise choice.

Ca phe chon qua doi tac
Weasel Coffee- Gifts for partners

How to give a good gift

Each gift not only brings material value but also great spiritual value encapsulated in good wishes and sincere wishes. My father taught “For free by giving”. So, we should also instill and promote that beautiful spirit.

Gift giving should show your will. Mid-Autumn Festival gifts must be elegant, polite, delicate and beautiful. The wishes accompanying the gift should be cared for most carefully. If possible, you should learn about each of the gift recipients from which to choose the most meaningful wishes.

Choosing the time to give gifts is also something you need to care about. Not only does the recipient realize your early preparation, it also makes your gift more meaningful. This year, September 2 national holiday is quite close to Trung Thu. So this can be considered the most appropriate time for gift giving.

Gift is Coffee – A rich and meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival gift!

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