Greasy taste of white coffee hard to resist

Bac xiu ngon

Greasy taste of dissolved white coffee hard to resist

In the world, there are many coffee product lines that challenge both the most difficult users and Vietnam, although coffee is imported and planted during the French colonial period. But here it is not known if coffee has ever become the home of coffee lines, but nowhere has it been.

It is the land + Vietnamese’s terrain that facilitates the creative originality of coffee by experts and Cafe growers.

Slag silver is made from Vietnamese Arabica and Robusta coffee lines, which is a perfect combination, provided that roasting at higher temperatures than normal temperature, helps coffee reduce caffeine content. Keep only a sufficient amount of content, help you to be mentally and intellectually comfortable. And you can also rest assured to drink unlimited silver slag dissolved, not afraid to affect sleep at night.

Sticky and fat, we must know the composition of milk.

Milk is selected as fresh milk, condensed milk meets nutrition, energy and special standards of food hygiene and safety.

Bac xiu

Health benefits of white coffee

Do you drink dissolved white coffee every day? Silver floss has many benefits. Some benefits about dissolved white coffee

Improved body health.

While Insomnia, Nervousness and Restlessness are some of the side effects if consumed.

All dissolved white coffee lovers are drinking your favorite drink because we have found some Health Benefits of dissolved white coffee.

Some psychological health benefits of Silver slag include mental alertness and Prevent dizziness. Similar to tea to lose weight. While the study shows that drinking this dissolved white coffee makes the waist size slimmer.

Dissolved white coffee has antioxidants, they are good for preventing dementia and are also effective against skin problems.

If we drink tea or coffee without milk and sugar, they will be helpful in losing weight. So most people drink black tea or black coffee against fattening. Benefits dissolved white coffee is also associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

Giay kiem dinh

Nutritional ingredients

+ Although dissolved white coffee reduces the content of printed coffee, it still retains enough to give us a sense of alertness, like drinking regular coffee.

+ Since made from milk and coffee, nutritional value will also be inherited from milk and coffee

The composition of milk in dissolved white coffee will provide a source of vitamin A and Vitamin B to the body, containing many essential unsaturated fatty acids.

Milk in dissolved white coffee provides plenty of calcium and potassium to assimilate other foods.

Also contains Lipid, Glucid helps you have energy to work.

Vitamin E helps you have bright and smooth skin

Duong Cafe Co., Ltd finds a distributor:


Instant coffee (20 Packets)


Instant White coffee (180g)

Any individual, shop, agent, company, corporation, organization that needs to try it out to distribute instant coffee, powdered coffee contact Hotline, or fill out the following Form:

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contact us:

address: 107C Minh Khai, Phường Minh Khai, Quận Hai Bà Trưng, TP.Hà Nội
Hotline: 0912 104 901
Email: duongtamthanh@gmail.com   –  info@duongcafe.com

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