Guess the personality of a person through a cup of coffee

Trai nghiem thuc tien

According to the research, drinking a cup of coffee every day will help men limit 6% of the risk of death from disease. And this figure for women is 5%. Another interesting aspect of coffee is that you can guess a person’s personality through the coffee they drink.

Decoding the relationship between hobby and psychology is something that many people know. However, you must have time to understand their interests before making judgments. But only through a cup of coffee that the other person calls, you can give the most general view of a person and guess their personality. That’s a really cool thing!

A study examining 1,000 people worldwide has shown many similarities in a person’s coffee drinking habits with his personality and psychology. This is also more evident in the book The You Code by James Moore and Judi James. They are all body language experts of the United Kingdom.

Đoán tính cách qua cà phê
Guess the personality through coffee

Instant coffee

Straight and funny is two adjectives that give away immediately to those who like to drink instant coffee. They often do not interfere in debates, do not like to be involved and laugh at the issues raised. This does not mean that they are indifferent and shallow. Just because they have yet to get the opinion they find best or they think the conversation is only fun. However, they always want others to understand themselves. They especially dislike the fake. One thing worth mentioning in this group of people is that they don’t have the adventurous spirit in their careers and love.

Black coffee

Love the simple, dreamless life and always looking at the reality are black coffee lovers. You can easily see that they are quiet people, have many moods, easy to feel sad. To make friends with them is difficult. But when two people have become good friends, they are always the ideal people for you to find. The advantage of this group is that they like competition and loyalty.


This delicious coffee is for those who have a rich and romantic soul. They are not too meticulous, strict requirements for people nearby. They do not desire to be good and keep optimism, good lifestyle and love of beauty. This is the model of the school of action.


Those who drink Espresso are hardworking and have a strong mentality. They complete the goal fast. Quite sly in life, they are not easily deceived. This is the type of person for leadership positions. One point except for them is not a faithful group.


Belongs to a group of people who focus on their looks and like lovely, cute things. They like safety and always want to be loved by many people. However, they are quite stubborn and do not like heavy work or excessive pressure.

People who do not drink coffee

Experts say very little about this group of people. Simply because the taste of coffee is very similar to the taste of life. Fear of coffee is also the life of many events and ups and downs.

Instant coffee is a coffee that is highly appreciated for its convenience and rich flavor. You can enjoy a morning cup of instant coffee to start a new dynamic day. Duong Cafe introduces you instant coffee products with many new flavors such as coconut coffee, chocolate coffee … for you to choose to accompany in a working day.

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