How many points do you value durian coffee?

Ca phe Sau Rieng

How many points do you value durian coffee?

As a popular drink, Coffee is being “transformed” with many new flavors, satisfying the taste and taste of each person. Have you drunk durian coffee? How many points do you value durian coffee?

Do believers of durian know the combined taste of durian and coffee? A unique drink where you can feel both durian and clear, distinct coffee but still in harmony.

Ca phe Sau Rieng
durian coffee

Currently on the market, you can easily find products of coconut coffee, chocolate coffee, … instant coffee with a harmonious combination of ingredients, creating an extremely attractive coffee cup . Not only that, they also make coffee easier to drink and more popular regardless of gender, age and preferences.

So is durian coffee! Each drop of coffee penetrates deep into durian. Coffee has aroma and bitter taste. Durian is known as the “King of fruits”. Durian has a strong aroma. When eating, there is fat. Not only that, durian is also known for its good vitamins and nutrients for the human body.

Sau rieng la loai trai cay dac san có gia cao
Durian is a high quality fruit product

When enjoying durian coffee, you should avoid using a spoon to stir drinks. Just grab the glass and shake it gently. You will smell the unmistakable scent of durian and coffee immediately. The unique flavor of coffee is bitter mixed in the fat and the pulp of durian makes this new drink become more stimulating to the senses, the aftertaste is longer and more soluble.

Coffee is sweet. But this sweet taste of coffee is the sweet taste of ripe fruit. Different from the sweetness of durian. Even so, durian coffee still doesn’t make you feel bored. You will definitely have to sip coffee continuously until it is new!

Do not hesitate any longer but do not enjoy instant durian coffee! And assess immediately for everyone to know: How much do you judge the durian coffee?

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