How much is a weasel cafe, where is prestige to purchased?

Cafe chon gia bao nhieu

Weasel coffee price

As the previous article, weasel coffee cafe introduced is expensive planetary drinks if not included in the list of the most expensive drinks. A kind of scrumptious Cafe that makes everyone crave to try it only once. So you have a question about how much the value of weasel is, how much is the price of Duong Cafe. Whether to find a reputable buyer of product quality, avoid buying fake weasel.

Ca phe chon dat nhat the gioi


First of all, we have to understand what weasel coffee is?

Around the 17th century and specifically around 1616. Indonesia is still a Dutch colony. Smatra Peninsula, Java and Sukawesia.

The place is regarded as a paradise of ferrets, this is a type of weasel that loves fruit. Berries are a favorite dish of weasels, ferrets are a very gourmet type of food that just likes to eat delicious, ripe coffee and American hats.

But the miracle comes from accidentally changing the world’s most expensive beverage ranking, which is that ferrets don’t digest coffee beans.

After the weasel exits the whole grain, the Indonesian people bring it back and then dry it, the reason people bring is that they regret the coffee beans. During that period, it was the Dutch that banned the harvest of coffee

Cafe chon cach bao quan

After that, the guide is carrying away to dry and peel the seeds of the green beans and clean them and then go to drying, then roast. They drink other tastes must have special strange taste, but later it was researched to know that is the cause of stomach fat fox Enzym coffee beans help make coffee better. Since then, weasel coffee was born.

Weasel weasel has a special and attractive taste, rich flavor, less acid than normal coffee. Because the process of fermentation fermentation in the weasel stomach. Vietnam is the rarity of all countries in the world.

Because the process of producing weasel coffee is very difficult, every night a weasel produces only 100g, so a case of a weasel uncle produces about 5-6kg, so weasel coffee has a high price.

Duong cafe provides this product with pre-order, limited quantity, and only used as a gift.

Thuong thuc ca phe chon

How much is 1kg weasel coffee?

Because the process of making weasel coffee is complicated and requires a long and strict process, Duong Cafe farms are produced in places near coffee sources. That is Da Lat and Lam Dong.

Due to the very low and rare output, Duong Cafe only has a limited number, and provides customers with gifts, for partners, visitors, patrons and customers.

Cafe Cafe of Duong Cafe is produced by methods of natural biological memorization only at Duong Cafe. Experts in agricultural biology, engineers, leaders of Duong Cafe, foreign experts have spent about 2 years to study the special weasel coffee line, which can directly compete with big coffee corporations.

Below is a price list and pictures of weasel gifts.


Coffee Mink KOPI LUWAK PACK 150g

500.000 đ

Đặt ngay


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