How to enjoy standard mink coffee

How to enjoy standard mink coffee

Delicious coffee must be properly enjoyed before it can see all the deep-rooted qualities. It is not natural that weasel coffee is introduced by gourmets into high-end products, with expensive prices. Knowing how to enjoy this product properly will help bring emotions to the peak, while asserting the “sophistication” of diners.

So how is drinking right? Let’s learn about how to enjoy standard coffee

How to enjoy standard mink coffee

  • With the special enzymes of ferrets, penetrates through the outer husk, penetrates and breaks down the protein structure in the coffee beans, reducing the bitterness, and creating a unique, delicious and extremely unique flavor. .
  • To enjoy weasel coffee in the most complete and proper way, if possible, prepare the following:
  • A truly quiet space, clear, fresh and clean. If the place is close to nature is the best. The tranquility will help diners to fully and properly feel the taste of coffee.
  • Keep your mood relaxed and relaxed because when your mind is too busy thinking and stressing, no matter how good the food is, we can hardly feel it. And if you eat spicy food before, diners should rinse their mouths, because spicy food will affect the pure coffee taste.
Cách thưởng thức cà phê chồn
How to enjoy Mink Coffee
  • To feel the most complete and quintessential, drink a cup of weasel coffee without ice, without sugar, and drink with a glass of water.
  • After you’ve finished a cup of coffee, don’t drink it quickly, but put the cup of coffee up to your nose, then take a deep breath to feel the more aromatic, aroma-rich aroma rising, radiate in the nasal cavity. It’s just that we can find delusion.
  • Before drinking, diners stimulate the nerve endings in the oral cavity by allowing the tongue to rotate in front of the mouth, between the lips and gums.
  • Good taste is to enjoy slowly, slowly so that the deliciousness gradually spreads out in the mouth. Diners take a small sip of coffee, use the tip of the tongue to push the coffee through the gums, then the coffee flavor will linger in the mouth. After that, diners let the coffee water dissolve on the tongue, then slowly flow down to the throat. Diners swallow and continue to feel.
  • Then diners will feel the gentle, delusional taste, mixed with natural sweetness, elegance and extremely delicate.
  • Right now, diners focus on feeling the taste at the end of the palate. Take a deep breath and exhale through your nose, slowly slowly, enjoying the enchanting aroma of coffee sips with an amazing sense of ecstasy, relaxation and pleasure.
  • Drinking 2 or 3 sips, diners stop, enjoy, then take a sip of filtered water. Then drink coffee again. And with every drink like that, diners will feel another taste.
  • After drinking and feeling full of flavors, diners have reached the pinnacle of enjoying authentic weasel coffee.

Feeling when drink right standard  mink coffee

  • Although not a connoisseur of coffee, but surely when enjoying this special product, diners will also feel very different.
  • When we focus on feeling, we will see that weasel coffee brings many different flavors, in each stage of the enjoyment process. The first is the smell of ripe fruit mixed with the characteristic smell of coffee. When coming down to the throat, the smell of chocolate and the smell of coffee mixed with a bit of malt smells on the mouth and nasal cavity. Besides, there is a slight sour taste mixed with bitter taste
Vị của dòng cà phê này rất dịu nhẹ
The taste of this cafe is very mild
  • When drinking, diners’ mouths will have a very strange feeling. The feeling of tingling the the like mint. And the more you drink, the more the mint feels, radiates and stretches, from the tip of the tongue, and around the gum, pulling to your lips and down your throat.
  • The taste of this coffee line is very mild, not as bitter as many others. The sign of bitterness is accompanied by a light sweet taste, lingering in the throat full of sophistication and delusion.
  • With such a way of enjoying it, it seems that all the senses of the guests will be awakened, expanded and enjoyed to the fullest. An extremely pleasant, relaxing feeling spread throughout the body. Very comfortable. And these are great times to balance the spirit after hours of stress. And in those moments of relaxation, the creativity and enthusiasm of the people will be aroused, just too wonderful.

After enjoying it, the aroma of coffee cup still lingered in diners for a while. Or from where to come, just smell the coffee that is mixed and we have found it mild in our hearts


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