How to have a good cup of coffee – how to make delicious coffee

To ensure a good, delicious cup of coffee, the right “style” should follow the following guidelines – how to make delicious coffee.

How to make filter coffee from Vietnam

  1. Coffee mixing tools

Tools need to keep good heat such as ceramic, sandstone, porcelain, aluminum. It is best to use thick porcelain.

  1. Grind the coffee powder

Coffee powder needs sophistication, care and experience; Each type of phase must choose different grinding mode

  1. Water

The quality of water makes a big difference in the taste of split coffee. Chloride, lime, dissolution of coffee flavor, PH <=> 7 (neutral). Through experience: mineral water is the best solution, but should choose the water with the lower mineral content as possible. Coffee should be mixed at a temperature of 95-100 degrees Celsius

  1. Coffee ingredients

About 20gr / 50ml of water, keep this symmetry you can adjust depending on each person’s taste.

  1. Pure white sand sugar and fine grain. High density milk

Add the coffee to the filter, shake well, gently press the lid, place in the glass, and then add 20 ml of water and cover the coffee evenly. After 30 seconds, add 40 ml of water for iced coffee, 45 ml of water for iced coffee or 50 ml of water for hot coffee and hot milk. Cover up. The best time for 1 quart of coffee is 4-5 minutes (about 65 drops per minute).


Before brewing, make sure the filter and glass are clean. Depending on the cup of hot milk or ice milk to estimate the milk level as follows: 30 grams of milk for a cup of iced coffee or 20 grams of milk for a cup of hot milk coffee.

How to make Espresso coffee

Guidance on practice on phase machines (requires users to love the job and be trained directly: how to mix, quantify, water quality, technical manipulation …)

  • Tools and materials:

    Glass used: small ceramic cups with capacity of 100ml – 250ml

    Quantitative: 8gr of coffee for a glass

    the amount of coffee solution after brewing from 35 – 45ml to ensure the quality of the brewed water

    How to make cappucino coffee:

    Coffee solution 35- 45ml from Espresso coffee machine

    35% fat fresh milk, using the whisk of the foaming machine (this stage requires a trained operator to practice on an unsightly foam machine)

    Cups used: thick porcelain cups with a capacity of 200 – 250ml

    Blending into Cappucino cups requires Espresso and freshly foamed fresh milk.


After grinding, coffee is added to measure the amount needed and compressed. These two processes are also very important, with the aim of creating strong, smooth “pieces” of Espresso that allow water to penetrate more easily. After being compressed, coffee is put into the Espresso machine. Here is a practical guide to making espresso coffee by machine:

After roasting, mixing, grinding, measuring the amount needed and compressing, Espresso is ready to brew. Before placing the porta filter on the locomotive, give about 2 ounces of water through the front end. This process is called temperature stability. Put the filter in place, then place a thick porcelain cup under the filter part of the filter. Press the button to start the first phase. This process allows water to penetrate evenly across the pieces of coffee before using hot water at high pressure.

For 1.5 ounces of Espresso, the brewing time lasts from 23-30 seconds, starting from the beginning until the coffee flows at the nozzle. Coffee flows out like the flow of hot honey dripping. Stop the brewing process when Espresso gradually changes to a light color. If the brewing process lasts more than 30 seconds, use a large blender, but if it lasts no longer than 25 seconds, use a small type. When compressing, coffee should not be compressed with different pressures, so that the permeable water will be uneven. If you adjust the pressure wrongly, you will get unexpected results even if you adjust the time correctly

Types of Espresso

  1. Latte: Espresso blended with milk, very popular in North America. This kind of coffee is quite light and gentle with lots of milk and very little coffee.
  2. Mocha: A mixture of Espresso and bitter chocolate. To make this kind of coffee, first put chocolate on the bottom of the cup, then pour Espresso on top. Finally add hot milk and enjoy your chocolate-flavored coffee.
  3. Cappuccino: Unlike Latte and Mocha, this is a great example of a cup of “balanced about everything”. One third is Espresso, one third is hot milk, and one third is milk foam. These three factors create a “gorgeous” Espresso cup, adorned with a circle of chocolate cream at the edge of the cup. This is a wonderful Espresso that everyone easily enjoys.
  4. Macchiato: a cup of coffee made from Espresso and hot milk with milk foam at the top.
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