Ideas that make coffee more bold and unique (part 2)

Ideas that make coffee more bold and unique (part 2)

Let’s refresh the coffee taste with the following ideas

Add cheese to coffee

Thêm phô mai vào cà phê

  • Adding a piece of cheese to a cup of hot coffee and stirring it up will give diners a sweet, bittersweet and fatty drink. And it would be perfect to enjoy this unique cup of coffee and a sweet sweet matcha cake on the window.

Add coconut oil to coffee

Thêm dầu dừa vào cà phê

  • Adding coconut oil or coconut sugar to the cup when brewing will make the coffee more sweet, rich and very different.

Variations of caramel coffee and sugar

  • Do not add sugar to brewed coffee, transform it by pouring coffee powder with sugar into the mixing tank, then heat the mixture, then add water. Caramel sugar will bring a cup of coffee with a different, more delicious flavor.

Biến tấu của cà phê và đường caramel

Iced coffee

  • Cold coffee is a favorite drink of many people
  • However, using ice will make the coffee thin and delicious. To fix that, diners use coffee ice instead of regular ice cubes.

Đá cà phê

  • Coffee brewed, add milk or sugar, then let it cool and pour it into the ice tray, put it in the refrigerator. And when you want to drink cold coffee, customers just need to use these special stones to put in, ensuring the richness and deliciousness of the cup of coffee is not relieved.

Add cocoa to coffee

  • Cocoa is very good for health because it contains antioxidants, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, enhances awareness and helps a positive mood.

Thêm ca cao vào cà phê

  • Adding cocoa to coffee will create a wonderful, bold, bitter but very passionate drink.

Salt makes coffee more charming

  • Separating hot coffee by 2 – 3 salt seeds will become richer and more stimulating. But remember to use clean salt, and only remove 2-3 seeds, otherwise the cup of coffee will be too salty, losing the characteristic flavor.
  • The way to make coffee more special

Muối khiến cà phê thêm đậm đà

  • When the coffee get smokes and boils, remind the coffee pot out of the kitchen, remove the foam, stir it up, then put it on the stove again. Repeatedly this detail 3 times, coffee will wake up and smell better. Diners try and feel.

How to reduce caffeine in coffee

  • Many people like coffee but do not like caffeine in it, very simply, customers just need to add 2-3 beans to a coffee pot.
  • Soybeans are effective in destroying caffeine and still retain the benefits of coffee. Besides, this spice makes the cup of coffee more spicy and interesting.

Heat coffee before pouring water

  • The most delicious coffee is when hot. Instead of pouring hot water into coffee as usual, diners warm up the coffee in a jar or filter for about 30 seconds, then pour hot water, wait and enjoy. This way will help diners enjoy the most complete flavor of coffee, especially weasel coffee.

Làm nóng cà phê trước khi đổ nước

How to make coffee without scum

  • When making coffee in a jar, add a teaspoon of cold water. This will cause the coffee powder to settle to the bottom, and diners just need to enjoy without refining again.

Coffee ice cream

  • In addition to being used for drinking, diners turn into ice cream dishes made from coffee. This is a way to help refresh and increase alertness during hot summer days.

Kem cà phê

Choose quality coffee

  • And the most important thing to have delicious, healthy coffee cups is that we need to buy products with guaranteed quality. The quality of coffee will depend on the way of planting, the process of roasting and preserving.
  • Normally, the time from planting to harvesting coffee must be about 5 years. Some growers use stimulants or toxic chemicals to affect the coffee tree to fill the harvest time quickly. And these substances adversely affect user health.
  • In addition, improper roasting, grinding and preservation processes reduce coffee quality. Therefore, this process needs to comply with strict technical requirements.

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