Is the coffee you are using real pure coffee? Take the test right away!

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Is the coffee you are using real pure coffee? Take the test right away!

How to identify the type of coffee you are using is actually coffee? How many pieces of pure coffee are there? How to know if your cup of coffee is really good for your health, your spirit and your beauty?

Cach phan biet ca phe that va ca phe gia

Duong Cafe will help you make a very simple questionnaire to give the most accurate answer to the above questions!

  1. Is the amount of coffee more than that of the same type with same weight?

Coffee beans when roasted certain will hatch large and increase volume from 1.5-2 times. The amount of water in coffee will also decrease. Therefore, the density of coffee is always lower than other types of flour. Like soy flour, popcorn flour … and other grains.

Compare it by feeling the weight and volume of two bags of coffee. The bag containing coffee or containing a higher percentage of pure coffee powder will be fuller and more abundant.

You can also test by adding a teaspoon to a cup of water. Real coffee will float on water coolers and be waterproof.


  1. Is the coffee porous and break loose?

Roasted ground coffee powder has a relative porosity and smoothness. Meanwhile, other types of beans and nuts do not have the same smoothness and are not porous.

During roasting, the coffee loses a large amount of water, so the roasted ground coffee will be loose and loose. A special point of coffee is that they are very little hydrated. Commonly used pseudo-coffee powders have water absorption properties. So they have high humidity and easy to clump.

  1. Is the coffee powder dark brown?

Roasted coffee will not be light yellow. Mixed corn flour will often be dark black. Brown soybean meal is opaque yellow. Meanwhile, good coffee will be dark brown. Different from other blended nuts. You can check with the naked eye.

  1. Is the fragrance pleasant?

This will be a challenge for non-connoisseurs of coffee. If you love coffee you will easily recognize the pleasant, attractive and characteristic aroma of coffee. Chemical flavors soaked in aromatic blends are also very attractive. Easy to deceive consumers. However, you will still be able to distinguish. Soybean powder has a strong smell, strong flavor, and no aromatic scent like coffee.

  1. Is the coffee blooming, bubbling strongly when boiling water?

Cach pha ca phe sua da

Because coffee beans contain less starch, the structure of cellulose fibers is very porous and contains many air chambers inside. When preparing boiling water in the filter, but you see coffee falling down and giving off a strong aroma immediately, that coffee is not quality due to mixing many impurities. Delicious coffee is easy to see when mixing. Pure coffee with boiling water will create lots of foam, which can cause coffee powder to rise.

  1. Is the coffee water color brown?

The pure coffee cup in brown color varies from cockroach to dark brown. When adding ice, coffee will be amber brown. In that light.

  1. Is coffee water shaking?

Coffee water has a similarity to regular drinking water. It unlike other types of water, it is very lithe.

  1. Does coffee have much foam or less foam?

Standard coffee foams are uniform in size. Opaque color and “thick” look but quickly broken.

Cach phan biet ca phe that va ca phe gia

  1. Is the fragrance of coffee cup strong?

As mentioned, it is difficult for a non-connoisseur to realize what a pure coffee flavor is. The aroma of food added is very fragrant and sweet.

Coffee aroma is characteristic but charming. The taste of coffee is bitter and mixed with mild sour taste.

  1. Have you ever enjoyed a self-grind coffee?

This is a suggestion for you to be able to draw your own experience in choosing coffee. Buy coffee beans at a reputable store. Ask them to grind them and bring them to enjoy. Not only do you feel the most delicious taste of coffee, but you can also practically feel and distinguish real coffee and blended coffee!

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