Journey of a coffee bean to a premium cup of coffee

Cac dong ca phe hoa tan của Duong Cafe

The coffee production process includes many stages and requires many strict standards in processing. So, what is the coffee production process of Duong Cafe? Does the process meet the standards and produce the best quality coffee products? Let’s find out with us!

Introducing coffee trees

Coffee trees are suitable for basalt soil on lava volcanic plateaus. The right conditions for coffee plants to grow well are areas with high temperature, light and rainfall. However, for each variety of plants, the requirement for climatic conditions has changed.

Coffee is a woody tree with an average height of 2m-4m. The trunk has many burns, elongated branches. Leaves are dark green, oval, 4cm-6cm wide.

Coffee flowers are white. Each flower has 5 wings and flowers often bloom into double or triple beams. Coffee flowers have a faint scent like jasmine. Even in the time of flowering, the experienced farmers were able to judge the color situation in that year

Qua va hoa ca pheCherry and Flowers of coffeeThe fruit of the coffee is oval, green. When ripe turns yellow and finally red. Each berries contain two seeds, surrounded by succulent berries. Coffee beans are protected by two layers of shells: the silk shell is close to the grain and the outer shell is yellow hard.

Coffee production process

Coffee production process can be divided into 5 main steps. Each step has a specific role in creating a delicious cup of coffee.


Quy trinh san xuat ca phe tai Duong Cafe
Coffee production process at Duong Cafe

Harvesting coffee

Duong Cafe’s coffee lines are all made from mature coffee and are harvested manually. Farmers will rely on their own observations and experiences to pick up ripe fruits and remove pests and diseases. This is the first selection stage to get the most uniform and quality coffee beans. Since then decide on the quality of a coffee.

Coffee processing after harvest

There are two methods of treating coffee after harvest: wet treatment and dry treatment. At Duong Cafe we ​​apply both methods for each different product line. This ensures the most suitable treatment for each type of coffee while ensuring grain quality.

Separating pods and collecting seeds

With Premium weasel Coffee products, we apply wet treatment method. The harvested coffee will be soaked in water to completely remove the peel without scratching the grain. In this stage, all stages are done by specialized machines.

Qua va hat ca phe
Coffee cherry

Dry treatment method is as the name suggests. Coffee will be soaked through water to remove dirt. After that, they were taken to dry in the light of the sky in 2-3 days. Farmers will use specialized tools to separate the outer skin of coffee and collect seeds. With this method, coffee beans are obtained with mucus of the flesh. They will be added to the soaking process to completely eliminate this.

Clean and dry

The purpose of this step is to remove and clean the coffee beans obtained before moving to the next stage. Coffee beans are cleaned and will not affect the color, taste and drying time. After washing, coffee beans will be put into dry and dried. After this period, coffee beans are put into peeled paddy and peeled silk.

Processing coffee beans

This is a difficult step. Requesting to receive coffee after collecting must be whole grain, the percentage of cracked and broken seeds is low. At Duong Cafe’s factory, these stages are carried out by modern machinery. As a result, the kernels are obtained with quality and required.

Xử lý nhân hạt cà phê
Handling coffee beans


Coffee beans will be selected for the last time using coffee sieves of size 16 and 18 to ensure the beans are the most uniform size.


Normally, coffee products on the market are not 100% made from certain types of beans. Coffee beans will be mixed between different types depending on each finished product or customer request.

With each different recipe, the taste of coffee is also different. This helps coffee to meet the taste of most people, becoming a popular drink all over the world.

Processing coffee beans

Roast the coffee

This is the stage that is considered to be the most important of the entire coffee production process, bringing success to a cup of coffee. The taste and color of coffee will be decided in this stage. The temperature when roasting coffee is usually in the range of 200-240 degrees C and divided into 3 stages

Rang ca phe la cong doan quan trong va yeu cau do kho cao nhat de co duoc mot ly ca phe ngon
Roasting coffee is an important step and requires the highest level of difficulty to get a good cup of coffee

Stage 1: The temperature of the roasting oven is below 50 degrees Celsius, the water vapor in the grain rises a lot but the volume of the grain does not change. When there was no white smoke coming up, it showed that the coffee beans had run out of water and moved to stage 2.

Stage 2: Roasting temperature increases wool by 150 degrees C. Coffee beans continue to absorb heat and change in color and grain size. Roasted ovens will produce a slight explosion. Coffee beans gradually turn brown. The volume of particles increases.

This stage is divided into many times roasting and stopping roasting. In Duong Cafe, the roasting process is done by high-tech roasting oven. Technical experts and senior experienced managers will work together to adjust. To decide on the taste and color of delicious coffee. This is something that only manual roasting has achieved, small household grinders are not.

Stage 3: The temperature of 220 degrees Celsius is kept for 10-15 minutes. The volume of particles does not change. The seeds turn to dark brown.

A batch of roasted finished when the coffee beans were dark in addition to dark brown, the inside was brown with cockroaches. The aroma of coffee is fragrant and the taste is bitter. With our state-of-the-art machinery technology, a batch requirement will be guaranteed. Each batch will have the same quality. The beans are cooked evenly, the color and flavor are uniform.

Coffee grinded

The roasted coffee is completely cooled and incubated for 15-20 days before grinding. Coffee powder must not be too big, when mixed, it will not wake up the taste. Coffee is too smooth and makes coffee bitter. It is best to have a meal of 1.6 mm in size.

Ca phe bot
Coffee Powder

Packaging product

Coffee powder is easy to lose flavor compared to coffee beans, so preserving coffee powder is also more stringent. Duong Cafe’s coffee products are all packed in sealed bags, meeting the requirements for food packaging. There is also a silver coating to avoid oxidation, reducing the taste of coffee.

The outer shell is an environmentally friendly paper bag packaging, with the characteristic brown color of coffee. Simple and sophisticated design expresses luxury and class for each product.

The products of Duong Cafe

Premium weael Coffee

As one of the rare countries in the world that produces weasel Coffee, the source of materials for making Vietnamese weasel coffee is extremely rich and quality.

Ca phe Chon - Qua tang cao cap

At Duong Cafe, we are pleased to bring two premium weasel Coffee products, Kopi Luwak and Weasel. Apply standard coffee production process. With unique taste, unforgettable taste, Chon Coffee will be a meaningful gift for partners, expressing class and luxury.

Vietnamese specialty coffee product line

With a blended formula that has been studied and tested for more than 10 years, Vietnamese Specialty Coffee products will be a precious gift, encapsulating coffee essence

Ca phe Excelsa
 Excelsa Coffee


Instant Coffee

Meeting the demand for the use of convenient coffee products but still ensuring the delicious taste, Duong Cafe brings instant coffee products in accordance with the tastes of all customers

Cac san pham ca phe hoa tan cua Duong Cafe
Products of instant coffee of Duong Cafe

New Taste Coffee

Duong Cafe is proud to bring customers new flavors of coffee in the market. Conquering the most fastidious customers by new and attractive coffee flavor.

Cac san pham Ca phe Huong vị mơi
New Flavored Coffee Products






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