Khe Sanh Coffee – Specialties as gifts for those who come to Quang Tri



I came to Quang Tri today

Suddenly remembering the war days

A painful wound has not healed yet

Truong Son sucked up his brothers and sisters rest

… ”

Quang Tri – a local in the central of Vietnam, the land has witnessed many wars in history. Each time referring to this place is referred to the ancient citadel of Quang Tri, the nine-road Khe Sanh, … However, Quang Tri not only contains painful memories of the war, but also is famous by a specialty It is Arabica Khe Sanh coffee.

If you have the opportunity to come to Quang Tri land, don’t forget to choose this special dish as a gift!

Origin of Khe Sanh coffee

In 1918, Eugene Poilane, who later became representative of Indochina’s forest management service in 1922, arrived at Khe Sanh village area. He found here all red soil and thought it would be good for anything in Tuscany (Italy). So, in 1926 Poilane returned to Khe Sanh and imported Chiari coffee trees to plant. Since then, he established the first coffee plantation in Khe Sanh.

So far, Khe Sanh – Huong Hoa is considered Da Lat of Quang Tri. It is also considered the capital of Arabica coffee. Currently in Huong Hoa there are more than 5000 hectares of Arabica coffee land, with the main line being Catimor red fruit. And most likely, the number will increase even further in the future. The terrain at Khe Sanh is 350m – 500m above sea level. The higher the coffee tree grown in the terrain, the better the grain, the kernel of the coffee beans will lessen the punctuation.

The taste of nature

Arabica coffee in general when the water phase is light brown. Bitter flavor is very diverse from soft, gentle and charming fragrance to bitter taste and passionate fragrance. Especially slightly sour taste is very attractive and suitable for the taste of ladies. But Khe Sanh coffee itself has the characteristic of the flavor of pineapple and savory taste. Certainly, such a flavor combination is extremely special, nowhere to be found.

Huong vi ket hop doc dao
Unique combination taste

Khe Sanh Coffee – meaningful special gift

Khe Sanh Coffee is one of the top 12 specialties of Quang Tri that anyone who has come to this place cannot ignore. Besides the clam salads, tanhs, Kim Long wine or little leafy biscuits, Khe Sanh coffee is the perfect choice for people to make gifts.

A gift bearing the characteristics of Quang Tri land for relatives, friends or colleagues. Let them enjoy a warm cup. It is also enjoying the wild natural taste with pure coffee from Khe Sanh. Just feel the wonderful wild taste of Khe Sanh coffee is enough to feel the beauty of this historic land.

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