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Bourbon coffee is a sub-species of Arabica, a high quality coffee but often susceptible to diseases and pests. In it, Yellow Bourbon is a special hybrid of Bourbon. Let’s find out about this special coffee with Duong Cafe!

The origin

Bourbon coffee – originating from the island of Bourbon, is a small French island. First introduced by the French to Vietnam was about the second half of the 19th century. Yellow Bourbon is a special hybrid of Bourbon coffee, crossed between Amarellow de Botucatu and Caturra.

The regions that grow Yellow Bourbon are popular in the world

The famous countries of coffee in the world such as Brazil, Panama and Indonesia grow this variety. If good quality Yellow Bourbon is harvested, it can be sold at a price 5-10 times higher than normal coffee. However, because farmers prefer to grow high yielding varieties. But not all regions can meet the soil and climate conditions. So, the area for growing this kind of coffee is not as big as other types.

External characteristics

At first glance, unlike most coffee when it is ripe, it will be yellow when Yellow Bourbon is ripe. This coffee fruit is usually rounder than Typica fruits. The young leaves of the plant may be green or bronze. Mature leaves are often larger than Typica leaves.

Yellow Bourbon Coffee
Yellow Bourbon Coffee

Growth characteristics

This Bourbon coffee variety grows best at an altitude of 1.100m – 2,000m above sea level. Its final flavor is influenced by altitude, soil conditions, fertilizer and farming methods. Therefore, even though the same place is grown, there is a delicious taste and a lower quality.

Flavor characteristics

Huong vi dac biet cua Yellow BourbonSpecial taste of Yellow BourbonThis is a popular variety for both growers and lovers of coffee. Because of its rich organic acid content, its taste is sour, very attractive. The aroma of charming Yellow Bourbon coffee, good physicality and delicious sour taste.

Yellow Bourbon coffee in Vietnam

Planted in Da Lat land, with an altitude of 1,200m – 1,500m above sea level. Da Lat coffee is highly appreciated, ranking 2nd in the world in terms of quality. Because production is modest, prices are often higher than international prices. For flavor, the Yellow Bourbon grown here has the scent of jasmine, mixed with the mild sour taste of the fruit. Because of its special taste, Da Lat coffee is highly appreciated and sought by many international partners.

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